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These Energies Are Shifting Us All! 5 tips to help you acclimate during this time of energy shifts.

Between this last full moon on the 11th, the Sturgeon Supermoon, and the Lion's Gate portal on the 8th, there have been a lot of energetic shifts happening all around us. There was a solid week and a half of energetic adjustments happening to all of us. While these are just two dates, understand that it's not just that date that things are happening on. For instance, during the Lion's Gate, the energies started on the 4th and went to the 12th. During any full moon or new moon phase, the energies last for three days on either side of the date. These two things happening within just a few days of each other made for a critical time of shifts within us all, mystics and muggles alike. This has been a pretty intense time for us all and if you're intuitive on any level, no doubt you've been experiencing this. It's different for everyone. For instance, those that channel may have found that they had bouts of being dizzy during this time. Those that read cards, may have found that the same card kept turning up over and over again, or that they kept seeing a particular cards in their mind's eye. Maybe the energy workers were totally taken out each time they worked with a client and they themselves had to reground themselves after each session. What has your experience been? If you do this type of work, your work has been upgraded!

I have a close community of healers for friends. We've all noticed these things happening to us. So, naturally, we've all been talking about what's happening. There have been many similarities between us and many things are quite personal. We all agree that the first part of August has been a time of major shifts.

I'd like to help you to regain your balance and process all of what has happened and may still be happening to you.

  • Breathe! When these things happen to us, especially when we're dizzy or lightheaded, we tend to leave our bodies a bit. We need to get all the way back into our bodies. A great way to do this is to take slow breaths. On each exhale lead that breath down your body. Take as many breaths as you need to guide your breaths, and therefore your own energy, all the way down your legs, through your feet, and out your toes until that breath lands in the earth.

  • Nature Get outside! If you're a tree-hugger, find your favorite tree or find a new favorite tree. Sit with it. Sure, go ahead and hug it too. Stay with this tree for a while, sit there with it and feel its trunk, its leaves, its roots. Allow it to empower you. Plant a tree, a bush, a flower, any plant. Actually getting into the soil is a wonderful experience and deeply grounding. Go for a walk outside. It can be that simple and maybe that's all you need to do.

  • Talk! Do you have a tribe of spiritual people? Maybe you have one friend that understands or simply gets you. When we get to have conversations we discover things about others and ourselves.

  • Meditate Meditation is a wonderful thing. It clears the mind and returns you to your center. Give yourself plenty of time to simply BE. If you've been away from meditation, this is a good time to come back to it. Be gentle and loving with yourself.

  • Rest Your body needs time to regroup, heal, and find its new normal. When we go through these kinds of major upgrades, we have to allow ourselves rest in order to put ourselves back together again. Rest can help you to regain a certain stability within your body. It helps to get you into your body fully. I tell my clients: We can't make changes to our bodies if we're not in them.

I'm talking a lot about people who do energy work of all kinds here but we're not the only people experiencing this. We are ALL feeling these shifts. The energy workers may have a headstart but it's happening to everyone now.

Do what it takes to find your peace. Be sure to remember to think good thoughts. What we think about is what we're putting out into the ethers and that is exactly what will be coming back to us. There's a Wiccan saying that says that what you put out comes back to you three-fold. Many other cultures say similar things. I subscribe to this because I have seen this happen in my own life and in the lives of others around me.

Be kind and loving with others. Most importantly, be kind and loving with yourself.

I Wish You Light


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