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Marritena Rodriguez,

Hi, I am Marritena Rodriguez and I love everything that involves taking care of self, and being your own advocate! I'm a firm believer in learning to "listen to your body when it whispers so we won't be FORCED to listen when it screams". I also encourage being kind to your mind, because your thoughts become your words, and then your actions, or lack thereof. I'm a fun wife, and loving mother of 3 blessed children. I've been a Registered nurse since 2009, and a surgical nurse since 2016. I am a Reiki Master, a medium, and a Reflexologist. I grew up in a loving supportive home and was raised a Christian. I respect and honor my personal relationship with the creator.


Reflecting back on my life, I've realized how empathic I've always been. I've gravitated toward helping people in any situation and have always been a giver at heart. My family will tell you about the time when I was young. It was wintertime, and I went to school with a coat, hat, and gloves. I came home the same day with nothing because someone in my class didn't have any.


I've always known I could communicate with the other side. Now that I'm older, my friends and family know who to go to for communication with their loved ones. Since completing my mediumship course I am ready to provide this as a profession. I've come to acknowledge that what I've heard, felt, and sensed were from God, The Creator, and my Spirit Guides. I trust and follow my intuition and what the divine flows through to me.


Let's take care of ourselves so we can be our best selves for ourselves, our families, our friends, and in our careers. 

Peace, Love & Light


Tiana, MA

I had the pleasure of receiving my first Reiki treatment from Tena and it was truly an extraordinary experience. Since this was my first experience, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Tena takes her time to explain the process of what she will do and how she will give you the message the universe has given to her to share. When the treatment was complete, I felt extremely tranquil and calm. A true sense of serenity. Tena was able to touch on so many personal topics, which left me speechless because she had no idea of anything happening in my life at that current moment. I strongly recommend receiving Reiki by Tena. It will leave you wanting more!

Andrea K., MA

Marretina trust her intuition to find the little things that go undetecteed. Once she finds it, it's taken care of with her very capble and caring hands. 

Sabrina S, RI

I had a wonderful experience when receiving reiki as well as reflexology from Marritena. She was courteous and sensitive to my needs and was committed to making me feel comfortable. The reiki was quite an experience. Marritena was able to pick up on internal struggles that I was facing and was able to give me more comfort and clarity concerning them. She was also able to identify a deceased loved one that is watching over me. The reflexology was very relaxing. I almost fell asleep. It was interesting to feel how different areas of the feet can affect other parts of the body, reducing pain or discomfort. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Marritena. I will be continuing on my spiritual journey with her help.
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