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Mentoring & Coaching

Join this private group here.
This group is for paid members to grow their metaphysical skills

and to continually learn more new metaphysical magic.


This is my signature group coaching program. I'm really excited about some of the results that people are getting from this. I look forward to building a community around this for all of us to take part in.

This is what to expect:

  • Two live informative webinars a month. This will be the foundation for the program. 

  • Interaction with Q&A

  • Community

  • Homework

  • Your input matters. I want to know what you. want to know.

  • All kinds of different extras will be added to the group page. These can be anything from a meditation to a message given to me for you from Spirit to a simple reminder of greatness. 

  • There will be more as we progress and I learn what your needs are too.

Some of the benefits of what this group will give you:

  • Clarity on the subject and related subjects.

  • A sense of belonging with like-minded people. The people in the group and camaraderie will be especially helpful. 

  • Learning more metaphysical things! We don't know what we don't know until we know.

  • Personal expansion!

There will be structured regular events in our webinars along with tips and guidance for you to do in your regular day-to-day life. I'm building this around an original series of events that I used to do that I called Metaphysical Playground. These were lots of fun. I can't wait to breathe new life into it. I'll keep each webinar to 60-90 minutes. Also, because of this format, I'll be able to add random thoughts from time to time. So go ahead and download the app and turn your notifications on so that if I randomly go live, you'll be able to join me. 

We took the summer off and are refreshing for the next season. We'll start our next session in September on the 1st.


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