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It’s time to heal your soul!

Illumination™ is a brand new form of healing that has been delivered to us for our times. It works on a vibrational wave that all of us are now ready for. It's an energy that is far beyond balancing and easing the human. You see, unlike other modalities, it does not come through the practitioner. It is held by the practitioner. The human body can not yet hold this very high vibration, therefore, we as practitioners bring the energy of Illumination™ down and hold it, similar to holding space,  in order to use it. The Illumination flame will essentially burn away all the unnecessary bits and pieces that you carry that are getting in your way of you reaching your full vibrational wave. The flame will reach into your soul to bring forward the leftover parts that your soul has been carrying for lifetimes. It has a way of reaching into your soul contract and soul family experiences to calm the parts that may still be inflamed or lingering. You might even think of it as a shortcut to healing your soul.

Illumination™ is a healing modality transmitted directly to me, Andrea Kukulka, on February 2nd of 2020. This was a very powerful experience. From the beginning, I realized how much stronger this energy would be and how much more it would do. I was instantly made aware of how hot the flame burns and how high the vibration of this is. I learned a lot about it as I continued to work with it. I can now tell you that this comes from the very high 12th dimension and its pure love beings of light. The more I use it the more I learn about what it's capable of doing. 

This flame intensely burns off what doesn't serve you. Not only on the surface of what your human BEing is experiencing but all the way into your soul.

Clients have described being left with an incredible lightness of being. They tell me of a feeling of being placed in the earth and deeply cleansed by Mother Gaia herself, that all the best parts of them remained inside of them and that all the lower energy parts of them were washed through them and released to the earth. Read some testimonials here in the blue boxes. 


Illumination™ energy healing will work with you on what is going on in your life at this time to ease the soul's lesson. This is the kind of spiritual, emotional, and soul healing that makes a lasting difference.

In addition to using this modality in its purest form, I also use this to do one-on-one Ancestral Healing work, group Heart Activations, and Soul Contract Negotiation.


The focus with Illumination™ Healing is to burn off all the lower energies that create density in the body, thereby naturally increasing your vibration. After even one session you'll notice your ability to move forward with ease. You'll tackle many of the things that once overwhelmed you. The difference in your vibration will open you to pure joy.

This is the very embodiment of soul work.






















The human part of us is here to learn. Some of our lessons take many lifetimes to get right. Illumination™ has the power to get into the core of that lesson and burn off what is holding us back from learning any particular lesson that we are here to master. 

Illumination™ burns away what gets in the way!

The energy of Illumination™ will continue to do its work for one full month. Be certain to take very good care of yourself during this time.

It’s time to heal your soul!

Three Sub-Healing of Illumination

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