Meet Jill McLoughlin, RN, BSN, RMT

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. My experience includes working at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for 17 years and as a Nurse Consultant for a medical device company for 13 years. My mother taught me how to meditate as a child and it has been a part of my life ever since. I have been drawn to take numerous holistic healing classes over the years for stress reduction, self-care and healing others. I left my job as a Nurse Consultant in June of 2017 in search of another career path. During my search I decided to start my own busines that has allowed me to fulfill my purpose as a healer, educator and share my passion with others.



My certifications include Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Vibrational Reiki which powerfully enhances healing sessions with the use of tuning forks. I also received a certification for Illumination™ which is a new form of healing.


Inspired to expand upon my healing techniques, I developed a modality called Quantum Soul Healing™ which powerfully harmonizes the physical, biofield and Quantum Field energies. It also allows me to use by intuitive abilities to see energy, how it effects the body and bring in loving messages from spirit guides.


In addition to seeing private clients, I am part of the Integrative Therapy Program at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI. This program offers complimentary care to the patients which includes Reiki, guided imagery, meditation and other relaxation techniques.

My goal is to provide healing for, the body, mind and soul, support your journey and encourage self-empowerment.

My signature healing is

Quantum Soul Healing

Everything in the universe is made of energy including the human body. The energy in our physical body flows through the chakra system then extends around the body into the biofield or aura. Our energy can expand beyond the biofield into the beautiful, universal divine energy known as the Quantum Field. The higher our vibrational frequency the more expansive our energy becomes allowing for healing and positive changes to take place.

Low vibrational energy is more dense and not as expansive. It can cause imbalances or blocks in the energy flowing through the body and the biofield. This could negatively affect the body physically, emotionally or cause the feeling of “being stuck”. It also prevents energy expansion into the Quantum Field. The good news is that energy can be moved and changed.

Quantum Soul Healing™ is a healing modality that Jill developed which harmonizes the physical, biofield and Quantum Field energies. Before the client arrives an “energy reading” is done to detect any imbalances and how they are impacting the physical body. Using extensive and powerful sets of tuning forks the energy is unblocked, balanced and the vibration is raised. A combination of Reiki and Illumination energy deepens the powerful healing process. Clients have reported feeling lighter, uplifted, energetic, more focused and able to move forward with goals.

Each session takes approximately an hour. The first 20 minutes happens before you get there, when I go deep into meditation to the quantum field on your behalf. The next 40 minutes we do together. 

Jill McLoughlin is the absolute best for reiki. She uses a tuning fork technique that is so calming and relaxing. In only two sessions she has helped me ease my anxieties and dive deep into root causes. She’s connected me to passed love ones that needed to relay a message. I cannot say enough about her. If you’ve been thinking about reiki or are looking for someone different give Jill a try.

​ ~Melissa, MA

I was referred to Jill by a mutual friend. I was somewhat reluctant to make an appointment but later decided to give it a try. Oh boy am I very glad I did. Not only was Jill, kind, professional and generous but she immediately made me feel totally relaxed inside and out. I am usually a ball of anxiety, stress and even sadness....but this session relieved a lot of what I had been feeling---all of the negative and heavy stuff we are burdened with---“Life stuff.”


 I highly recommend Jill- not only due to her Reiki abilities but her background in the medical field allows her to really know the stress and frustration we at times all feel with our jobs, our relationships and our lives."

~Karen D. West Greenwich, RI

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