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22 Day Challenge

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Soul's Journey.


This is a program based on a book I wrote with two prior partners a few years ago. We taught classes on this material then that took months. Now, I've created an easier way to do similar work based on this same book, but easier and all on your own time. 

I promise you, you can get all the same work done in 22 days. You can get even better and longer-lasting results this way. Why? Because you'll always have the program to do over and over again. You make it what you need to get out of it! 

Result Driven and Proven Methods


Discover the parts of yourself that you adore as well as the part of you that you're done with.


This program is built for you to do on your own and in your own time. Yes, I will be challenging you to do it in 22 days, but this is for you to do in your own way. You get two days for each lesson. One day to do the work and the next day to process it all. You see, it's a slow, gentle, and easy way to work each chapter of the lessons taught in the book. 

A Discovery Plan You Can Stick To


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So How is This Challenge Going to Help to Serve You?

This material is designed to guide you on your soul's journey. It's also here to help you to understand that all humans are processing their journey, just as you are processing yours.  We're all learning to navigate our way through this thing called life. We're all here to learn. The common thread throughout these entire 22 days is learning that you're not alone!

I won't pretend that this will be easy every day. Some days will be harder than others. I do this purposely. In part because we learn the deepest lessons when we have to work harder for them. The first step is simply stepping outside of the comfort box. I'll be there to help you do this comfortably. I'm here to help you through the sticky parts and to enjoy the fabulous parts with you too. Here's the best part, in the end, I show you that there's a shortcut. 

So what do you think? Will you accept the challenge?


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