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Meet Christine McDonough, CSLC, RMT

I come to you with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry & wellness space as a personal trainer, fitness blogger, & wellness coach.  I originally jumped into the exercise space in an effort to quell my unhealthy relationship with diet, exercise, and the scale. 

After a long overdue breakup left me clueless and without an identity (we’ve all been there), I was afforded the time, energy, and space to take a deep dive back into myself.  In addition to physical fitness, I began to focus on my cumulative wellness using tools such as therapy, meditation, and Reiki resulting in a fierce amount of self-love.   

Now, as a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Empowerment Coach, I merge my knowledge of physical wellness with the importance of mental and spiritual health in an effort to empower the lives of those I work with. 

My Signature Healing is 
Conscious Soul

Conscious Soul Healing is a type of holistic healing that works with the relationship between the mind, memories, and the negative energies that get caught in the autonomic nervous system and affect the physical body.  In Conscious Soul Healing session, I help influence and facilitate energy healing, breathwork, and gentle movement so your body, emotional being, mind, and soul can come out of its "fight or flight" response and heal faster.


You may experience any of these in a Couscious Soul Healing:
*Sound Healing

*Myofascial Release
*Body Movement

Careful…after only a short time with me, you’ll start to believe in yourself!

Be Well

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Christine's offerings

Soul Consciousness Healing
Wellness Coaching


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First off, Christine is such a beautiful light and from the moment I met her felt very comfortable and welcome!


The other students were awesome as well and we shared a special bond that will last far beyond this class! Christine makes a point of being available to you and supports you 100% through the process. I was delighted that we had the opportunity to do some group zoom meetings in the weeks following the class as well as our one-on-one meeting. It really helped me stay on track and got me through the self-doubt that can creep in. Our Reiki II class was the bomb! She really went out of her way to give us a beautiful experience and it was so appreciated!

You get so much more from her style of teaching than what is offered at other studios and I’m so glad I chose her to help me on this journey! I would highly recommend her.


- Jess L, Hingham MA

I appreciate that Christine will hold a virtual session to accommodate and relieve my pandemic concerns.
- Olivia V, Dorcester MA

Christine helped me release energy that I didn’t even know was stuck. What a difference after one Reiki session.”

- Meghan M, Minneapolis MN

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