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Our mission is to guide you in your ascension process by unlocking your highest potential and fostering a deeper connection with your Self.


Soul Vision is building a community centered on peace and support, dedicated to reuniting souls for the greater good of humanity.

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Our Story

We are six souls who have been reunited at this time for the betterment of humanity.  


We've spent many lifetimes doing this work together, from Atlantis to today, from times before and times to come. We know that this has been our life's work through many timelines. We're so very pleased to assist you on your journey of life, connection, and expansion. 

Through our individual work as healers, speakers, and teachers and our group work together as Soul Vision we are here for your support. 

You'll find us leading Soul Vision events including Soul Vision Experiences, mini-retreats that last a full day, and long intensive three to four-day full retreats in beautiful and elegant retreat and conference centers all over New England.

Meet The Team

Jen T, N Providence RI

I have suffered from insomnia for about 18 years. It was during this retreat that I was able to finally have the most peaceful sleep that I have had in almost 2 decades. I could feel the healing energy from the very first second I pulled into the driveway. Thank you again for giving me exactly what I needed. 

Jaime S, Cape Cod MA

To have been there with all of you and my husband was indescribable. The way the 6 of you created a sacred space, while intuitively flowing like water to the needs of every single person at the event. Absolutely incredible and so grateful to have been in your space.

Jen N, Dallas TX

The community Soul Vision has created came together so naturally and organically.  The bonds we built with one another in the course of a weekend are sure to last through lifetimes.
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