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Melanie Sprague
RMT, Reflexologist

I am Melanie Sprague and I am a Holistic Alchemist. I help people who want to balance and open energetic blocks, which manifest in dis-ease to release attachment to emotional and physical trauma; allowing you to be in control of your energy.

I’ve always been open to the spirit world.  When I was a small child I could hear and feel those in spirit.  I seemed to just know things, but not sure how.  I have vivid memories of astral travel and being both a physical and emotional Empath certainly made things interesting.
I spent most of my life  being aware I had a gift, but not embracing it.  Somewhere in time I actually shut it down.

Like so many others in 2012, everything began to come to the surface again. I was more aware of ALL of the energy around me. 

That year also began a series of illnesses and surgeries, which ultimately led me to Energy Healing. It was so transformational in my life, I knew I had to help others. 
With my healing modalities and my ability to channel spirit I feel I am finally honoring my soul contract and doing my part to help elevate humanity to the 5D existence of New Earth.


My signature healing is

Soul Code Alchemy

Living in this 3 Dimensional human world, our aura and energetic fields, which are limitless, can become dense. The density is often responsible for physical and emotional imbalances that we feel. Our souls want to operate at 5th Dimensional levels and beyond and our bodies are in human mode. We have the capability to recall the codes in our core and achieve a balance of energy that is less dense. 

Soul Code Alchemy is a beautiful energetic way that helps achieve this.

While channeling Spirit and Light Language, Soul Code Alchemy utilizes all of the tools in my arena.

These along with my Intuitive abilities allow me to hold space as your Soul alchemizes the energy both physically and ethereally, allowing you to access the codes within and release your attachment to what no longer serves you and energetically vibrate at your highest and best.



Lyn Feeney, MA

Melanie combines her years of self care, Holy Fire Reiki Master level skills, meditation, intuition and her love of learning and teaching to help others. Her soothing voice, her sensitive connections, her joy in listening to your experience all twine together to honor your experience. She will help you laugh, explore your depths of metaphysical awareness and help you to ground while elevating in your journey.

I have worked with Melanie in meditation, Reiki, empath work, mediumship, brainstorming, illumination connection and just having coffee. My enlightenment of metaphysical journals always grows with Melanie. She is a teacher willing to help and a student always learning...what combination could be better?

Ann M, MA

I contacted Melanie desperate for healing help for my 11-year-old daughter. The specialist diagnosed her with a condition called Functional Dyspepsia. She had symptoms all day, every day! Melanie made us an appointment right away! She performed Reiki healing on my daughter focusing on her belly mostly as well as the rest of her body. Melanie gave my daughter 2 stones to wear on a long necklace resting on her belly. She suggested I should have a Reiki treatment as well to help ease my stress and anxiety dealing with this nightmare. It was an unbelievably relaxing experience and I felt so happy and peaceful as did my daughter. Melanie lives and breathes this spiritual lifestyle and is terrific at what she does. I highly recommend Melanie and her Reiki healing services for everyone, especially during these difficult times.

John Simonetta, CPA, RMT

I had a great healing session this past Thursday with Melanie Sprague, at Illumination Healing Center in Mansfield! With Melanie’s Soul Code Alchemy energy healing, she combines Reiki, Illumination and her abilities as a medium for an amazing, personalized healing experience. I love the singing bowls, they really (literally) resonated with me! I was transported to a peaceful place, balanced, and the melancholy that was in my heart from the past couple of days disappeared. Thank you Melanie!

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