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Karen LaCamera
RMT, Akashic Records

I am a channel, a messenger, and a creative designer of intuitive information. I present the messages and information that I receive through various creative means, which includes: Mandalas, Akashic Records, and Graphic Design. I am also a connector of people. It is one of my passions to intuitively bring people together who are meant to reconnect to their soul families in this lifetime, and also help them to access the deepest parts of themselves so that they can remember who they truly are and can then return to their own Zero Point state of being.


My work/gifts/passion has led me to learn everything I can about different vibrations, frequencies, thought forms, light work, shadow work, consciousness, as well as anything ancient, metaphysical, esoteric, spiritual, and beyond. These skills have led me to be able to channel messages and insights from the Akashic Records and beyond. Being in this space is where I have learned that it need to put my ego aside so that I can channel exactly what information is needed at that time....without filter or judgment on my part. I have done (and still do) my shadow work to be able to get to the deepest parts within myself to be able to hold and anchor the higher frequencies that lead to a raising of consciousness.

I am a mom of 2, dog mom, avid reader, information rabbit-hole junkie, and a perpetual student. I love snarky humor and most of all, I love to laugh.

With Gratitude,


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Angela Lee, Coach

I am astounded each time Karen goes into the Akashic records for me! Her energy is like a big, safe, warm hug. She has helped me to recognize areas where I feel stuck and then lovingly healed and integrated the various pieces of myself back together. I am so grateful for the container that Karen holds for me. I was very new to the Akashic records when I found Karen, and she has truly opened me up to new possibilities. If you're at all curious about the Akashic records, definitely schedule a session with Karen.

John Simonetta, CPA, RMT

Karen’s access to the akasha and the quantum field is unique.  She receives information and vivid images which she conveys through descriptive language that resonates.  Karen’s reading for me opened me up to understanding why past lives matter to us, when I hadn’t had much use for the concept before.

Casey Kerr, Business Owner

Karen’s ability to understand and put you at ease while talking through stuff that’s intensely private and personal is just one of her many attributes. Super compassionate and very kind are two more words that I would use to describe her.

I started with a crude drawing of what I wanted and she turned it into magic! Karen is very intuitive, patient, and an amazing artist. Karen uses her intuition to make sure the artwork truly comes from your heart. When I saw the final draft tears came to my eyes as I realized how beautifully the logo represents my business and soul. I highly recommend working with Karen on your logo or any other graphic designs!

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