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You & Your Shadow

Humor me for a bit while I take the winding road to my point.

By now we're all familiar with our chakras and their jobs within our bodily system. For instance, we know that if our crown is open, so is our channel to Spirit. Now, here's where I get you thinking. What we all know about and have been talking about for years and years is only half of the story!

What we've been looking at, studying, and working on is the light side of our chakras. It's what's in front, it's what we see and look at every day. The other half is on the back side of our bodies, it's the part we don't look at, it's the not-so-happy parts.

I'll give you a couple examples:

1. We know our sacral chakra, around our belly button, is the part of our body where our creativity and sexuality comes from, and where we store our compassion for others as well. The back side of our body's sacral chakra is the small of our backs. This is where we keep our frustrations, doubts, anger, grief, basically, all things fear-based. Yes, our bad backs are all symptoms of this. 2. Let's go to our throat chakra. Our throat chakra is all about speaking up, and speaking our truth, but the back of the neck is all about what we hear and whether or not we listen at all.

The backside of charkas is where we push those parts of ourselves that we're uncomfortable with, often the parts of us that we don't want to admit even exist. Sometimes looking at the shadow part of ourselves is uncomfortable. It can be overwhelming just trying to find where to start.

By now you see where I'm going with this. Yes, I'm talking about shadow work. Most of us are working on something about ourselves that we'd like to heal. We book appointments with doctors and healers hoping for someone's assistance in what it is we're trying to achieve. A noble task. I'm finding, and I'll speak to my own experience here, that I can book as many appointments as I can fit in but in the end, if I'm not committed to finding that part of myself that has been triggered with pain, doubt, exhaustion, etc, I'm not getting to the end of the cord that is my original issue. This is what I'm finding with my clients over and over again too.

We really need to take a good look at all the parts of ourselves. That means finding what's in the dark and bringing it into the light. This is the best way to heal. It's also the bravest way to heal. Are you brave enough to do the real work? I know, from my personal work, that it can be overwhelming finding where to even begin this daunting task. I'll be honest with you, there's not a single part of it that's easy. But in the end, it's always the best thing I do for myself!

I've been studying human behavior for a long time now and still, I'm feeling around how to approach this subject of healing these deepest wounds. These are the wounds that leave triggers. These are the triggers that we leave behind for others to mistakingly trip on. It's not fair to anyone else to leave these out only for you to be the one that blows up. We must do this work not only for ourselves but, for all the others in our lives.

We've all heard the line, Hurt People Hurt People, Healed People Heal People, well, I want to help you to be healed and therefore heal others. I've spent the last few months putting together a four-hour workshop, You & Your Shadow ~ Finding, Loving, and Incorporating All the Parts of You, where we can begin this work together. After that, I'm following it up with a group that will meet every other week online but, of course, you're free to take only the workshop and continue your work on your own. The first group will meet in person on February 5th. Then in March, I'll do this workshop online.

Consider joining the community of others who are just like you, doing the hard work.

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