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Standing In Your Power Through Healing Your Trauma

This year is only nine days in and I can already feel it.

My spirit guides and teams have told me that 2024 is about two things. The first is healing. Not just our regular healing work, No. This is about our ancestral work and mostly about healing trauma, all traumas, for ourselves and our ancestors. So many of us know of the wounds that our parents and grandparents have acquired in their lifetimes. We've watched our parents, aunts, and uncles struggle with what they've been taught and how they learned their lessons. We know, intimately, how those lessons have been handed down to us. We know that it's up to us to break the chains and to teach our own children and those around us that this isn't the way that it has to be. We lead by example. That means that we must heal these deep traumas that have been handed down to us. This is a two-fold issue. Both ancestral traumas and our own personal traumas need deep, passionate, loving attention to be healed.

2024 is also about getting comfortable about standing in our power. Being honest with ourselves about who we really are and being brave enough to show everyone else too. That's a lot, right?! I have a secret, by doing the first part, the healing part, the part that goes deep, we will be able to stand in our power and not be afraid to let the world see who we truly are!

Healing deep wounds takes a lot of work. And often many tries. Let's not forget that it's not a one-and-done thing. It can go on for years. When we do the work and find the breakthrough that changes everything for us, we find our power. We become our own powerscourse. And there's nothing like knowing that you are a driving force of nature!

So let's get into it. What do you do to heal? What has worked for you? How long have you been working at it? Did you have an aha moment? How deep are you willing to go? No one expects you to do this alone, although you might believe it's the only way you can heal. I'm here to tell you that with assistance, you not only go more gentle with yourself but, you also get to the other side faster and more steadily. Your people are there for you, I'm here for you! Healing comes in stages. You'll watch yourself change and morph into the newest version of yourself constantly. If you're ready for the gentle nudging to help you move through, let's work together. I'm Andrea, and I'd be honored to help you move through it.

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