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The Root Chakra ~ Shadow & Light

Our root chakra, found anywhere from the base of our torso to our tailbone, is the base of all things human. Here we find all the things that the human needs, food, home, sex, connection to others, etc. The front of this chakra is where we find these things and more:

  • Our connection to our planet,

  • Physical strength.

  • How present we are.

  • A solid foundation for our emotional well-being.

When these are all present and balanced, we're doing well, we feel good, we get shit done.

What we don't pay enough attention to is the back of our chakras. In this case, when the shadow of the root chakra is leading us we can have experiences such as:

  • We are unable to see outside of ourselves.

  • We feel as though we're lacking something. Often something you can't put your finger on. .

  • Being aware of our surroundings is very hard.

  • There can be a refusal to make connections with others.

Each chakra has a front and a back. You can think of them as shadow & light. If at any time you're doing the noble work of digging into your shadow to heal, please take a moment to ground yourself deeply into the planet before getting to work. Feel free to use this picture of Karen LaCamera's Shadow Root Chakra to help you to process, release, and heal your root.

Shadow Root Mandalla.

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