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Metaphysical Mentorship

Personalized guidance and support on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. Gain deeper insights into the mysteries of existence and unlock your true potential under the guidance of an experienced mentor who understands the intricacies of metaphysical realms.

Ask Yourself...

  • Are you looking for a group of like-minded people who feed your soul?

  • Do you want to expand your metaphysical toolbox?

  • Maybe your interested in going deeply into your own healing.

If you answered YES, then this is for you.

What Is This?

This is a place to let your mind go free!

Within the safety of this intimate group, you're able to explore all the things that you're curious about without judgment from the outside world. 


This is a community of like-minded people complete with your own private group.  We're here to learn, expand our minds, go deeper, and we're here for each other.

What To Expect

  • Two live informative webinars a month. These are the foundation for the program. 

  • Interaction with Q&A

  • Community

  • Homework

  • Your input matters. I want to know what you want to know.

  • All kinds of different extras will be added to the group page. These can be anything from a meditation to a message given to me for you from Spirit to a simple reminder of your own greatness. 

  • There will be more as we progress and I learn what your needs are.


We Are All Connected

Within this group you'll meet people that you will build beautiful friendships with. These individuals are walking along the same path that you are. They're not only part of your spiritual tribe, they will become part of your experience. 

I encourage you to build upon this relationship and reach out to each other, and to build that meaningful friendship. 

Some of the Benefits of Membership

  • Clarity on the subject and related subjects.

  • A sense of belonging with like-minded people. The people in the group and camaraderie will be especially helpful. 

  • Learning more metaphysical things! We don't know what we don't know until we know.

  • Enhanced abilities to connect to the other side.

  • Knowing how to protect yourself.

  • Acknowledging your boundaries.

  • Processing and releasing all negative energies.

  • Knowing and working with your guides.

  • A tailored group meeting your needs.

  • Personal expansion!

Applying to this program is easy.

Dive deep into your answer. Give it your all.

Hello, I'm Andrea Kukulka and I began studying metaphysics in the 80's. I've been teaching this material for 10+ years. I base my teaching, mentoring, and coaching not only on what I've learned but, on some of the amazing teachers that I've studied with. I have amassed quite the toolbox over the years and I'm eager to share my knowledge with you.


I'm building this platform for you and others like you who are interested in going deep into metaphysics. We meet together twice a month via a live webinar on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Don't worry if you can't make it at any particular time, it will be recorded and saved in the group to access whenever you want. And because this is all contained, I'll add bonuses and extras whenever Spirit has something for you. If I get messages for you from my guides, I'll put them right into the group!


Metaphysics is a vast topic and I'm eager to know what you're curious about. I'd love to hear from you. This is your group, which means that if you've got something you want to learn about, you get to tell me what that is and I get to shed some light on that subject.


Please share this with your friends too because anyone can join at any time. There's even a FREE 14-day trial! When the trial ends, you'll be billed $77 per month. As far as coaching goes, this is an exceptional price, especially for everything this group contains! My 1:1 sessions go for $150!


I'm very excited about this and I can't wait to see how you evolve with this material. If you have any questions reach me at

This is my signature group coaching program. I'm excited about the results that people have gotten from this work. I look forward to building a community around this for all of us to take part in.

There will be structured regular events in our webinars along with tips and guidance for you to do in your regular day-to-day life. I'm building this around an original series of events that I did called Metaphysical Playground. These were lots of fun. I can't wait to breathe new life into it. I'll keep each webinar to 60-90 minutes. Also, because of this format, I'll be able to add random thoughts from time to time. So go ahead and apply for this program now. 

  • We'll meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month

  • 7 pm EST

  • Zoom link posted in Facebook group

  • Only $77/month!

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