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Reflexology half hour

  • 30 min
  • 65 US dollars
  • Illumination Center|116 North Main Street, Mansfield MA 02048

Service Description

What is reflexology? Reflexology is a non invasive, integrative health practice. Its origin dates back as far as 2500 BC. Reflexology can be given on the ears, hands and feet. Here at Illumination Center we provide foot reflexology by two amazing reflexologists. What are the benefits of Reflexology? Reflexology has many benefits other than relaxation. It reduces stress and promotes sleep and homeostasis which is balance and normalization of the body. The primary benefit is increased circulation. Imagine your veins and arteries as the "highway" of your body. Now imagine the blood cells as the vehicles carrying oxygenation and other nutrients. When three lanes turn into two lanes on the "highway" some "congestion" or "traffic" may occur. Same as if a "car accident" occured. Some "vehicles" run out of gas and become stagnate. Some " vehicles" slow down their speed to see what happened in the accident. Once the "vehicles" are through the narrow " lane change" or " accident" they have to use more energy to get back to the original speed. That's when reflexology can increase the circulation and provide a better flow. Physically and mentally its easier for our body to restore its self when we feel good. What's the difference between reflexology and massage? Reflexology can have various levels of applied manual pressure on specific "zones" on your ears, hands and feet to promote a distal effect on your organs and glands. Where as massage is pressure applied to that specific muscular-skeletal aspect of the body. Massage is performed by a massage therapist, reflexology is provided by a reflexologist. In massage, your clothes are taken off. In true reflexology, only your shoes and socks are taken off. Can I replace my primary care provider for my reflexologist? No. A reflexologist does not prognosticate or diagnose. As a complimentary health practice, reflexologists may work independently or jointly with your primary care providers for a more holistic approach. Who shouldn't receive reflexology? Anyone experiencing the following should not receive reflexology and seek other medical attention. -Contagious infectious skin diseases rashes or open areas thats draining. -Diarrhea/vomiting -Gout -Ingrown toe nails -Current fractures or sprains of the foot -Phlebitis, cellulitis or gangrene - Blood clots -Acute or chronic undiagnosed pain -Pregnancy in the 1st trimester or high risk pregnancy

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. Lack of notice of cancelation or a no-show will result in being charged for the appointment.

Contact Details

  • 116 North Main Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA


  • Illumination Center, North Main Street, Mansfield, MA, USA


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