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An event to celebrate our ever-expanding
Illumination community 
on Tuesday December 12th.


Join Us!

Step into the radiant world of the Illumination Center's grand "Illumination Celebration" and experience an enchanting evening filled with light, wisdom, and community!

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Time: 4 - 8 pm

The first 20 attendees will receive a special gift as a token of our appreciation for your presence.

Celebrate with Us



Healing Sessions



Unveil the perfect holiday gifts that speak to your spirit as you wander through our metaphysical market.


From captivating crystals, incense, pendulums, and mystical tarot decks to locally-crafted artisanal jewelry, soothing bath salts, and captivating art, immerse yourself in a treasure trove of metaphysical wonders and handcrafted beauty.

Illumination interior.HEIC
Over a cup of tea


Enjoy a delightful spread of light refreshments that dance with flavor and charm. Sip on mystical elixirs that awaken your senses, nibble on treats that sparkle with goodness, and savor the enchantment in every bite. From ambrosial teas that transport you to ethereal realms to delectable bites that add a touch of sweetness to your journey, our refreshments are here to elevate your experience and keep your spirits high as you immerse yourself in the radiant festivities!

Healing Sessions

Ready to dive deeper into the healing arts?


Engage with our esteemed healers and practitioners who'll guide you through their specialties, helping you discover the perfect service that resonates with your soul.


And guess what? You can even secure your spot for a future session right here, right now!

Energy Healing

Did We Mention Discounts?

Spend $1+

and receive 10% off your entire order

Spend $50+

and receive 15% off your entire order

Spend $250+

and receive 20% off your entire order

Gift Cards

Whether it's the joy of selecting the perfect crystal or the delight of choosing a piece of artisanal magic, these cards whisper stories of endless potential, waiting to unfold at the touch of their bearer. Gift cards aren't mere tokens; they're keys to unlocking experiences, dreams, and cherished memories, making them the ultimate vessel for sharing the gift of choice and enchantment.

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