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Soul Vision's Healing Retreat
October 27, 28, & 29

Soul Vision Retreat.png

Are you seeking a community
who understands what you're experie

Are you feeling the call to connect with your higher self?

Join Soul Vision for a reality-shifting
3-day Weekend Retreat!

​We are Soul Vision, six souls who have reunited in this lifetime to continue to assist our soul family (this means you) ascend to your divine SELF. 


Our goal is to bring awareness to the Zero Point Energy Field (Field of Potential) to align you with your soul’s purpose and usher in your best possible life making your dreams a reality!! 

If you’d like to make significant shifts and embark on a powerful
spiritual journey, then please join us for this transformational event!

Do you need support on your path to 5d as you expand your soul and reach higher than you have ever gone before? Or are you seeking a community who understands what you are experiencing?

Imagine yourself in harmony with the universe, floating with the current, sustained by a supportive community. Experience the feeling of being more aligned with your higher self. We are looking forward to sharing new experiences, new friendships being made, and connecting with an amazing group of people to heal and support each other while working as a cohesive unit. We know that when Spirit brings a group of people together, it's always with purpose. In our work, we have learned that we are meant to do that very thing for people. Deep and meaningful friendships were formed by those who attended our events. Once you come to one of our events or retreats, you're family! There are no coincidences especially when bringing people together.

This Soul Vision retreat will leave you with tools, a support team, and a family. You will enjoy a shared experience with friends who are on a similar path, and a feeling of coming home. You are all meant to know each other, you always were. This is your new tribe.



Are you ready to energetically rise to the next level?


Are you feeling the call to connect with your higher self and the world beyond the veil and to embark on a soul expansion and evolution unlike anything you have experienced before?


If you are looking for gentle rest and relaxation then this is not for you. If you would like to make significant shifts and embark on a very powerful journey then please join us for this life-changing event! Make Soul Vision a part of your spiritual evolution. We're offering a retreat like you have never experienced before!


During this joyful retreat we will be guided to offer what you need for whatever growth you choose to experience. Your guides and higher self will be in contact with us on your behalf, so that this retreat is designed divinely to position you on your highest timeline. Self care and love will be natural parts of the retreat with nurturing conversations on the menu, as well as reconnections with nature and self. Energetic transmissions will be shared for each of our individual and group work/growth. Invitations for meditation, introspection, energy exchange, and conversation will be offered, to be accepted depending on your own guidance.

At this life-changing retreat you will:

  • Access powerful divine high-frequency energies

  • Expand your heart to experience unconditional love/oneness

  • Connect and Align with Soul purpose

  • Improve physical healing potential

  • Progress towards your original divine cellular and DNA blueprint

  • Upgrade your Chakra System

  • Explore Quantum Field Awareness

  • Feel energetic freedom within your body and soul

  • Support your path to 5D and awaken your light body

  • Connect with your Galactic origin and Family of Light

Are you seeking soul expansion?

Make Soul Vision a part of your spiritual evolution.







Experience the Retreat



We'll first get to meet each other on Friday night, and get to know each other a bit by chatting about what brings us all together. Introducing ourselves is always so meaningful. Gathering by the fire is always a beautiful way to begin a retreat.

The Weekend’s Spotlight: Soul Vision’s Signature group energy session will take place on Saturday afternoon. We’ll share our story of working together over many lifetimes and our reunification in this lifetime. 

The weekend will be filled with healing activities, soulful conversations, and plenty of time for you to escape into alone time. This promises to be a weekend that you'll never forget.

The experiences during the retreat will include:

  • Meditation

  • Reflexology Group Session (group session to teach self pressure points)

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Mindful Outdoor Nature Walk Experience

  • Light Language Transmission

  • Illumination

  • Sound Bath

  • Mandala Workshop 

  • Upgrade your Chakra System

  • Akashic Records Readings

  • Quality time with your new Like-Minded Tribe 

  • BioMat-healing with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Infrared technology

  • Mini workshops/quiet time with Chakra Mandala coloring pages

  • And more!

Our first ever Soul Vision Retreat promises to be a weekend that will shift your vibration beyond your imagination.  Are you ready to embark on the next phase of your spiritual ascension journey?


You may never be the same after this one-of-a-kind encounter.












Welcome to Rolling Ridge

This beautiful retreat, once a private residence, is located on a peninsula and surrounded by a serene lake in North Andover. This sacred space offers a perfect place to commune with nature, with yourself, and in community for deep healing, expansion, and divine connection. Visit the Rolling Ridge website.


Take a beautiful nature walk enjoying the fall foliage. Be on the lookout for the resident Bald Eagle. Feel free to meander around the property that is filled with rocky shore line on a picturesque lake, fire pit, walking paths, an outdoor chapel, and two labyrinths, scattered picnic tables and private places to sit and contemplate!


Here are some of the high points at Rolling Ridge:

  • Beautiful accommodations and over 20 well-appointed shared bedrooms

  • All meals provided. The food is not only yummy but they will cater to your needs

  • Coffee/Tea/Water bar available 24/7

  • Kayaks 

  • A very large open room surrounded by glass doors to show the view of the grounds and lake, for our group healings

  • A beautiful indoor meeting room with lots of seating and a fireplace

  • Sacred Space 

  • Local artists works scattered around inside and out​

Come alone or come with friends. There's plenty of room for us all.

​We've made it easy to sign up,
and easy to pay for with three options:


  1. Pay in full at only $888 (this option is available until October 15th)

  2. Make two payments of $444 (this option is available until Sept 15th)

  3. Make three payments of $296 (this option is available until Aug 15th)

*All payments are non-refundable.



We are excited to offer our first Soul Vision retreat at this introductory price.

We anticipate that this retreat will fill up quickly. Sign up now!





Join Andrea Kukulka, Karen LaCamera, Phyllis Simonetta, John Simmoneta, Melanie Sprague, and Jill McLoughlin for an amazing Weekend Retreat!


Last year's Autumn Retreat at Rolling Ridge was AMAZING! Everyone there had such a wonderful and healing time that we knew that we needed to book for this autumn too.  

Last year we started an online monthly healing circle that we called Illuminate Your Joy. It was met with a fantastic group of people from coast to coast and reached out as far as England. We were overjoyed with the beautiful souls that came together for these events. We learned a lot about what people are going through and how best to assist them in their processes. We took the summer off and we're coming back with something so spectacular! This promises to be a weekend of enormous healing for all of us.

Come alone or come with friends. There's plenty of room for us all.

Fire Pit Group
Night view from the fire pit
Phyllis walking the Path
Path around the fountain
Triple Room
Double Room
Retreat Crystal Grid



Q: Can I get my money back?

A: All deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Q: What are the sleeping accommodations?

A: Rooms are shared, with shared bathrooms. If there is someone you would prefer to room with, please note and we will try to accommodate. 

Q: I have food allergies; how do you deal with that?

A: Please note your allergies on the sign up for and we will accommodate

So grab your best friends, your journals, your favorite comfy clothes, and snacks, and join us for what promises to be a life-affirming weekend. 

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