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Welcome to
Illumination Center

A place where soul-healing is our mission. 
We use many tools to raise your vibration and help you enter into your new, healed, reality.

Here at the Illumination Center,
That's Exactly What You'll Find!

  • A collaboration of practitioners focused on each client's individual wholeness. 

  • Fun workshops, classes, and long-term courses help you to evolve.

  • Retail shopping to support your at-home practice.

  • A rotating wall of art to support Local Artists. 

  • Reiki

  • Illumination

  • Akashic Records Readings

  • Reflexology

  • Mediumship

  • Private Meditation

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Readings

  • And a community of like-minded people

This is a place of exceptional healing and learning.

We Wish You Light

Melanie, Andrea, Doreen, & Jill
Healing Sound Events
Healing Session
Long-term certificate classes.
Local Artisti Wall
Illumination Class mandala
Healing Hands ~ Holy Fire Reiki
Tuning Forks
Illumination Wednesday Peeps
Illumination Locally Made Shelf
We're the beautifully updated 300 year old building.
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