Welcome to Illumination™

Raising Your Vibration


This will forever be known as a time of massive shifts and changes. So too must we change the way that we heal!


On February 2nd of 2020, a new healing modality was delivered to Andrea Kukulka. What we now know as Illumination™ let itself be known to her. This was an enormous energy brought to us here now to be used on a soul level.




With this immense new energy, she was guided to build something different, something that would set an example of collaboration for the betterment of the collective human experience. Here at the

Illumination Center

you'll find something different!

  • A collaboration of practitioners focused on each client's individual wholeness. 

  • Practitioners that are all working at a Reiki Master Teacher level, each with a very detailed toolbox of modalities to support you with.

  • Many different types of healings for you to choose from.

  • Classes, workshops, and long-term courses to help you to evolve into your own greatness.

  • A tribe of like-minded people.

  • And so much more!

This is a place of exceptional healing and learning.


We Wish You Light

Fun and Healing Events

Local Artist & Handmade Jewelry


High Quality CBD
and dōTerra Oils

**We adhere to all the Massachusetts workplace standards to address COVID-19. For the safety of our clients and practitioners, food and drinks, including water bottles, are not permitted into the center at this time.

We appreciate your understanding.

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