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Welcome to
Illumination Center

A place where soul-healing is our mission. 
We work with Spirit in all our sessions and classes.
We hold space for your complete Wholeness.
We are a community of master healers working together.

Here at the Illumination Center,
This is What You'll Find...



This is a place of exceptional healing and learning.

We Wish You Light

Why Work With Us

Soul-healing isn't just our mission, it's our passion. Guided by Spirit in every session and class, we hold sacred space for your complete Wholeness. Within our vibrant community of master healers, you'll discover a collaborative approach focused on your individual journey toward healing and growth. Whether you're seeking personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment, or simply a deeper connection with yourself and others, you'll find a wealth of opportunities here. From invigorating workshops and enlightening classes to transformative long-term courses, our offerings are designed to support your evolution every step of the way. Explore our retail space stocked with tools and resources to enhance your at-home practice, and be inspired by our rotating wall of art showcasing the talents of local artists. Dive into the healing energies of Reiki, find clarity in Akashic Records readings, or connect with departed loved ones through mediumship sessions. Delve into the depths of your soul with private meditation sessions and past life regressions, or gain insight into your path with personalized readings. And when you're ready to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, join us for immersive retreat experiences designed to rejuvenate your spirit and nourish your soul. Here, amidst a community of like-minded souls, you'll find the support, guidance, and camaraderie you need to thrive on your journey of self-discovery and transformation. Welcome home to Illumination Center, where healing begins and Wholeness awaits

Melanie, Andrea, Doreen, & Jill
We're the beautifully updated 300 year old building.
Long-term certificate classes.
Soul Vision holding hands
Healing Sound Events
Local Artisti Wall
Illumination Class SCREEN
Healing Session
Healing Hands ~ Holy Fire Reiki
Illumination Wednesday Peeps
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