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Ancestral Healing ~ Illumination Does So Much More...

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Two months after Illumination™ was so beautifully delivered to me I began to get questions from clients asking me if I did, xyz. These were typically things that I hadn't put into my toolbox before. So I had to ask my guides if I was the person for this or if I needed to find another practitioner to refer my client to, something that I often do because we can not, nor should we try to, be all things to all people.

The first request for a new, to me, service came at the end of a reading I was doing for a new client. He asked if I do Ancestral Healing. I was about to tell him that I don’t but that I’d be happy to find him someone I thought highly of. I couldn’t get the words out. Illumination came in and said, loud enough that it sounded like a person in the room; “Yes, you do.” Now, I’m used to Spirit talking to me, and I’m even known to have a full conversation with them while in conversation with a human. (No, I’m not crazy. Just very well connected to higher energies.) But this, I found curious. I was very honest with him and told him about this new modality I’ve been using and that I was being told, in that moment, that we can use Illumination™ to do this. We booked it for the following week. This was all happening shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown began. Also, this client is about an hour away from me. So of course we would be doing this session via a Zoom link. It worked in a way that I would have never expected! What I had expected was that the flame would place itself over him, as it always did in all the other times I had used it. This time I saw him not laying down on a healing table but standing tall and proud with the flame in front of him, over his heart, and in his hands. As the session went on I was able to fully describe to him how different this process was and everything that was happening as we went through his ancestral line. This was a most exciting and heart-centered experience even for myself. I was so honored to have been able to do this for him that my heart was exploding with love for him and all those that came before him. What it had done was heal the soul of each of them. You see, in order to break the chain of trauma, Illumination™ was healing each individual on a soul level. It was working with each soul, one by one. This is how it was working to alleviate the trauma that had been instilled in the family generation after generation.

As the session was winding down, it came back to him as the focus again. It was then that I saw his children enter. This was, as I learned, the most important part. Illumination™ was able to work with them for the same purpose. It was almost as if it was repairing the chains that had been broken in their ancestors, including their father.

I don’t know that I ever told him this but, I was completely blown away by the whole process. I watched it as if I was watching a movie. Now, of course, I do these regularly and now, it’s so much fun every time.

I’m eternally grateful for this gift that is Illumination™ and for all that I am able to do with it.

I Wish You Light ~Andrea

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