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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

It's been a full year now that I've been working with Illumination™. I've realized that I've never taken the time to prepare myself for how I want to share what it is that has sparked my whole being. Pun intended. Here I go. Bear with me, this may get awkward.

On February 2nd, 2020, just before we were beginning to understand what COVID-19 was and what that would mean for all of us, I received an exceptional gift from above. Call it whatever makes you comfortable. Some may call it a download or an adjustment, or maybe an alignment. I've now recognized it as an awakening to a certain vibration. I'm actually learning right here, in this moment that it really is An Awakening! This is why... because our souls all knew this energy, this modality, in that space between lives. What I've learned in the past few months is that it lives in the blackness of universal space and we all return to it while we regroup to prepare for taking physical form over and over again. What it's doing is more of a re-awakening each time you're in the energy again. Whether you're receiving the energy or you're the practitioner, you're re-awakening that vibration inside of you! -insert head blown off emoji.

As I sit here writing this, I'm wondering if I'll ever publish this blog. This is a lot. I may need to sit with this for a minute as I digest all of this. Maybe not overthinking it is a better way to go.


My natural questions were, What is this? Why is this appearing now? What do I do with it? Why do we need it? By now, you're probably wondering the same things. Let's see if I can break it down.

What it is at its core is nothing less than a pure vibrational energy. In the form that it's appeared to me, it's a healing modality. It's really big though, like nothing I've ever felt or even imagined before. I've got 30 years of studying metaphysics behind me and I've never read or heard of anything like this. Yes, there are some beautiful modalities that touch around the fringes of this but, I've never even imagined anything like this.

Why it's appearing now is an easy question to answer. Our planet is shifting its vibration from 3D to 4D and 5D and is now ready for something coming from the 12th dimension. There' are many articles written on this subject and it's a lot to comprehend. Here's one in-depth one piece from Global Recharge for you to ponder.

What do I do with it was a more curious question with lots of different answers to it. The obvious answer is to heal. That answer came with an entirely new set of questions. The first being; What can I heal with it? I excepted a simple answer. Boy was I wrong. It turns out that Illumination doesn't simply heal, nope, it healings on a soul level. So if you're looking for help with back pain or headaches, I wouldn't start with Illumination. Now, if these physical issues are related to soul injury or are a part of your soul's journey, then it will help you. Ok, I guess this is the awkward part. You see, the soul, while in that waiting space of in-between lifetimes, makes plans to learn lessons for when it goes back into physical form. Your soul makes these plans with other souls. One member of your soul family needs to learn this, another soul needs to learn that. So you both plan to get that work done together. Often it takes a few times in physical form to learn that full lesson. It's a thing. Sometimes our soul just isn't processing the lessons. Illumination helps that process. It can remove what's sticking or getting in the way. It can act as a shortcut to get to the end of that lesson for both of souls involved. Remember, it's always a two-way lesson (more on this one later). There's a lot of information on this one.

My fourth, and perhaps the most important question was; Why do we need it? This answer too is multi-leveled. The short answer is: so that our souls can move forward with less baggage, so that they move about freely. Just imagine how magical life could be without the weight of an unlearned lesson weighing us down!

I'll continue to write about Illumination™ here on my blog postings. I'll share some of the amazing things that it's done with myself, and my clients.

Stay tuned for some mind-blowing stuff.

I Wish You Light


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