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Are you looking for something new, different and very powerful for your next healing modality?  

This modality comes from a very high vibrational dimension. It's come to the planet now for the work that is to be done here at this time. Are you ready to use this in your healing work? 

Becoming aligned with the vibration of Illumination™ will empower you to serve your community, family and clients with much needed clarity and the power to create changes on a soul level. 


In this two day course:

  • Where Illumination comes from

  • Raise your vibration to put you into alignment with Illumination

  • Receive Alignments

  • Meditations

  • Soul Clearings

  • Learn the Self Treatment

  • Learn Ancestral Healing

  • Learn how to do a Heart Activation

  • Learn who benefits from Illumination

  • Learn how to treat clients

  • And so much more

I'm planning to start a six month course in January. 

Stay tuned for more information.

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