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Illumination™ and Light Language ~ A Symbiotic Relationship

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

There is a symbiotic relationship between Illumination and Light Language. Let's see if I can explain some of the parts without stumbling over my words, or lack of words.

Let's start with, What Is Light Language? *It's a language that is not spoken on Earth. In fact, it's not always spoken at all. Quite often it's hand motions only. Like sign language is spoken with the hands, so to is Light Language spoken with hand movements and gestures. It can be dance. It can be tones or binary beats. It's different with each person who brings it forward. Think of it as different accents and languages spoken around the world, we each have our own way of speaking, that accent comes through in the way we speak Light Language too. *It's also known as Language of the Soul. *It activates the heart to open and who doesn't need that!? *It's a transmission of energy. We each receive what we can vibrationally align with. It is a great source of expansion for anyone. *It's based not in the word but in the feeling. It's a process of speaking through and into the body's energy. We feel Light Language in our energy field more than we hear it with our ears. It's an experience. Each individual who receives a Light Language transmission experiences it differently. That is to say, five people can be in the same room receiving the same Light Language transmission at the same time but, all five will feel it differently.

Now let's talk about its symbiotic relationship with Illumination™

*sym·bi·ot·ic /ˌsimbīˈädik/


involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association. "the fungi form symbiotic associations with the roots of plant species" denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. "the reader can have a symbiotic relationship with the writer"

*Because Illumination™ comes from the 12th dimension, it often comes in with Light Language. I often find that within an Open Soul healing Light Language comes through. That alone is not the interesting part. I'd say Light Language comes through in these sessions 85% of the time. The interesting part is that during a session that is not intended to be an Illumination™, it will often come through anyway because that is what the client needs at that time. When it does come in during one of these sessions, it often starts with Light Language as it pushes me away from the client. You see because Illumination™ comes from the 12th dimension, namely Surius and the Sirian beings, they will announce themselves to the client with Light Language first. This relationship between the two becomes more of a partnership over time when you become aligned to Illumination™ energy.

Take a peek at the wonderful Phyllis Simonetta as she speaks Light Language for us. She has been gifted with a superb ability to speak it effortlessly. She received her alignment to Illumination™ in February of 2020 and within a few months, Light Language began to pour from her soul like liquid gold. Phyllis will be a part of the Illumination™ Master course. I'm bringing her in to initiate everyone to Light Language.

I'm sure that as I ask more questions about this relationship, I'll receive more information about it. Stay tuned.

With Much Love, I Wish You Light ~Andrea

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