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Illumination is Changing Right Before My Eyes

The blue and violet flame has been my go-to visual for the past year and a half, ever since Illumination™ came into being. It's been this beautiful image of a healing fire that dances and sparks. I love it so much that together with an amazing intuitive logo artist, Karen LaCamera of Align by Design, we brought it into a physical form to share. Well, just like all the human beings around me in my world, Illumination™ too is morphing.

As I use Illumination™ the flame does its thing. I watch it burn. I get lost in the way the flames move and the smaller fires that it starts. I can feel as the sparks fly to tiny little parts of my client's bodies. I can feel what they feel as the fire grows or as it closes down. I feel how heavy they get as the ash develops. I love the entire process of it all. This all still happens... and yet, it's changing.

When I let my brain get involved, I think; "Of course, it's changing. I'm changing. Why wouldn't I see everything around me change too?" For better or worse, I bet you're seeing that in your own life. We never really believe that we have the power to change so much of our surroundings just by being ourselves but, we do! We really do. We're each a Beacon of Light and as we shine we illuminate all things around us. So, of course, we have the power to change the things in our lives. We change them with and without even trying. I guess this is my way of saying that I'm betting the flame itself didn't change at all. I did! I changed enough to see another layer of the flame. Let me try to describe it to you.

It's still warm and bright. It's still strong and powerful. It still dances and sparks. But now, I often see its vibration! You know how when you're driving down the highway on a hot day in August and you can see the heat waves coming off of the road ahead of you? Do you remember when our sound systems showed the waves of the music in bars that moved up and down? Combine the two of those together and then give it a sound. THAT!

I can't say enough about this modality. I honestly don't have the words to describe it accurately. I can only go by what I feel, and what my clients tell me that it has done for them in their lives. I'll keep you all updated as I continue to work with Illumination. I've promised the twelfth-dimensional energies that gave me this beautiful modality that I would continue to share as much as I can describe, in human words, with anyone curious enough to want to know. This is just a small part of what I'm extremely excited about with Illumination™.

Stick around to learn more about Illumination and all it has to offer humanity and our planet.

I Wish You Light


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