Ancestral Healing

Why Ancestral Healing?
There are so many things that happen to a person within their lifetime that we are constantly working to heal. We are now more and more often becoming aware of the wounds that our ancestors carried with them also. When we become aware of this it is typically because we can do something to help them to heal. 

As a soul evolves, it heals. As the living human, we're in charge of our own healing first. We get to assist in the healing of others as we evolve also. Imagine how much joy would come from your parent's, grandparent's, great grandparent's, etc. healing too. Imagine if their souls were still receiving healing, how much more gentle your life and your children's lives would be.
Healing any soul will benefit all the people around. Just imagine what it does to a soul that you share DNA with! Our genetic makeup is so much more than just our DNA, it's lessons and traumas that can get handed down from generation to generation. If we can help from the beginning of that chain, that changes all the effects of each trauma and lesson all the way down to us and to our children. Yes, the situations are still there, within us. But the resulting effect changes. It's a very powerful thing that you can do for so many of your people.

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I recently experienced an Illumination healing With Andrea and after having had many amazing Healings in the past this one was one of the most profound.


It was an ancestral healing that left me so happy, clear, light, and whole as is if a lifetime of dragging a wagon without wheels had been severed and then catapulted me into a new freedom.

~Pat Cahill

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