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That Shift Was a Doozy

Have you been feeling as if you can't quite occupy your entire being? Maybe as if you're floating? Or that you can't quite get your feet on the ground and solid? It's not your imagination. Shortly after I sent my last email the equinox came and with that came this feeling of being afloat. Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a really big shift! We've been floating for the past month. Now, we're beginning to land. As a matter of fact, it was just yesterday that I felt myself land not only in my body again but also land on the earth again with both feet. What a wonderful feeling. Today, I feel firmly solid. I hope you're feeling this too. If you're not yet, I promise you it's right around the corner.

So, what happened to us in these last few weeks? We were shifted into a higher vibration. No matter what your vibration was, it has shifted higher. We are all ascending. When these shifts happen to a bunch of us at a time, the feeling is subtle. This one happened to all sentient beings on the planet. That made us all feel off. That showed up differently for everyone. There were feelings of being lost, lonely, anger, confused, physically cold, dizzy and general unrest. On the other side of that same coin was the feeling of hope, strength, concern, empathy, and love. Quite often we were in both places on the same day. If this was a bit of roller coaster ride for you that was a sign that you weren't in your body, or grounded. That can be at any time really. It's just that the last month was a doozy and it was everywhere!

I'm here to tell you that we're coming to the end of all of that. Our bodies have, or are almost finished, made the full shifts. Now we can fill our bodies back up and stand firmly planted on our Mother Earth again. This is the time that we can now Get Stuff Done. I'm so happy that it's come, done it's job, and gone. Now we can put together all the things that we've merely been imagining. It seems as though the things that we've toyed with are coming together almost by themselves, as if in a Disney movie with a magic breeze and a song it's done.

Keep up your self care. Get regular energy work. Get out in nature. Then get out there and conquer your dreams! I Wish You Light ~Andrea

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