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10 Tips for Easing Into Your Ascension

Ascension is happening now. If you've found yourself here on this page, no doubt you're already feeling it. As much as it's what we all crave, it may leave us physically uncomfortable, mentally exhausted, and emotionally messy. It's alright! It's all part of the human experience. You see, ascension doesn't happen all at once. It's a process! It can take years. It's just that right now the entire planet is going through this. So it's a good bet that you know many people who are feeling their way though this too.

Is your body achy? Is your mind cloudy? Do you get dizzy or experience vertigo? Is there ringing in the ears with volume fluctuations? Do you feel restless? Have you been more emotional than before? Are you having a tough time peopling? Are you using fewer and fewer words? Are you finding that no matter what someone says, you feel the words better than you hear them? How many times did you answer YES?

Here's a list of just 10 tips to help you to ease into it.

  1. Meditation/Stillness

Meditation is always my personal go-to. I meditate for so many reasons, this is one very important one. Meditation can change so many things for us. It’s more than clearing the mind. You can clear your auric field. The more you do it, the wider your auric field will become. With practice you can find yourself in a meditative state while having a conversation with another enlightened friend. If you’re not currently meditating, start. Don’t worry about the thoughts that go through your mind. Instead, allow them to flow freely, thank them for showing up, and dismiss them with gratitude. The next one will come through and you’ll do the same time after time. Eventually you’ll get to the stillness you’re looking for. It’s a practice.

2) Salt Baths

Your body needs pampering. Why not give it what it needs. Draw a hot bath. Add sea, kosher or himylain salt as the water runs. Choose good quality essential oils to waken or calm the senses. Pay attention to which oils you choose. They each do and help with different things. Here’s a guide to help. Play soft music. Maybe you’d like to light candles and drop some flowers around or in your bath. This is pure healing time.

3) Talk to Spirit. Ask them to ease the symptoms.

This only sounds like a lot of work or hard. It’s not. However it may be out of your ordinary. I assure you that you can do this. If you’re ascending, you can have a conversation with spirit. A conversation is an open pathway of words. You speak, you listen. Spirit speaks, Spirit listens. They only want what is best for you. If you kindly and lovingly let them know that you’re uncomfortable, they will do what they can to help. The key here is to remember that they do not have a physical body. They need you to tell them what you need. For instance. I’ve asked them to stop using my belly as a way of letting me know that they need me to settle down and listen to spend time with them. They’d do this to get my attention. I specifically had to ask them to make my hands tingle instead. It took a while, but my belly is my own now.

4) Get Regular Energy Work.

This is more important than I can ever explain to you. I can only tell you that I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for 25+ years and always need to have my energy moved around by other wonderfully talented energy workers. This is a must for me because it moves so much more than just my physical or just my mental, or just my metaphysical. The right practitioner will move all of things at once for you.

5) Connect to Nature/Ground

Ahhhh There’s nothing quite like time spent with Mother Gaia! When you think of time spent with the earth, where do you imagine yourself to be? Go there. Go to the forest or go to the beach, or go to your own backyard. If it feeds your soul, that’s where you need to be. Our Mother Gaia will heal from the earth up. Yes, while it is true that she helps to ground you, I would suggest that you do that vital step first. A few deep breaths all the way into your body are very helpful. Here’s a quick video on how I take just a few deep breaths to occupy my whole body. I like to call it, owning my real estate.

6) Water!

Do you drink enough water? Unless you answered “I drink too much water.”, you’re not. Water is the ultimate cleanser and processor. If we want to keep our bodies running smoothly and avoid the buildup of stagnant energies, we must drink copious amounts of water at this time. Ascension demands a clear vessel. This is the least we can do to help the process along.

7) Find Your Tribe.

Talk about it with other people. You're not alone in this. These conversations are happening everywhere now because so many of us are experiencing this. If you don’t currently have people in your life that are ready for these conversations, I suggest an internet search. Facebook has many groups for people who are of like minds. Check out our Beacons of Light group.

8) Journaling & Automatic Writing

Do you keep a journal? Maybe you keep one for your daily thoughts or your business or work? I find that it always helps me to think more fluidly if I can write it down. When I write my thoughts down, I get said thoughts out of my head, freeing up space for the next thought to magically appear. Once you get into the groove of writing you stop thinking about it and your pen just seems to flow effortlessly. All the jumbled up thoughts smooth out. Now, have you done any automatic writing? If you’ve gotten to the point of writing without thinking about it, you’ve done automatic writing. Yup! It’s one of the most freeing things you can do while sitting still. Well, that and number 1, meditation. You see, it’s a form of a meditation.

9) Alone Time

Never underestimate time spent alone. It's a part of the healing process that people are often afraid of. This can be so many different things for a person. Sometimes, we need to get the hard stuff done. You know, the stuff we don't want to tell people about ourselves. First, let me tell you that no matter what you've done or been through, it's in your past! Now you get to heal that. Alone time is something that you need the most.

Then there are some of you who just need time to be still. That is something that alone time fosters well. Alone time is that time we put aside for ourselves that anything can happen in. If you're lucky, it's the time when genius thrives.

10) Acceptance. Ease Into the shifts.

Why fight it? It’s going to happen anyway. Let your guard down and let it flow through and into you. You’re ready for this. Own it.

BONUS* Get creative! Color, write, create, twist wire, whatever you do, do that!

With much Love & Gratitude,

I Wish You Light


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