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Shifting Energy

What's Happening! No really; What the H.E. double hockey sticks is going on?

This January, much like last January has begun with a sonic BOOM! The energy all around us is stirred and twirling around like a tornado. I see it happening everywhere now. It seems that everyone has something going on in their lives right now. I would go so far as to say that I'm seeing and hearing of this especially in lightworkers. Not just those of us that do this for our work but, for all those who live in the light, all the Beacons of Light.

You too?

A couple days ago, as I sat down to lunch with a couple colleagues, exceptional lightworkers, this was our first topic of conversation. As soon as the subject came up we all had wide eyes as we began to discus this. We all agreed that we were intensely aware of it. We each had things that were happening in our own lives and we were also seeing it in the people around us. I see this in my clients and my students too.

Last year began similarly, but not, I believe, with as much intensity as what's happening this year. Last January was much more subtle. The shifting had a smoothness to it. This year is very different. It's definitely about cycles again, but again, last year was easier to move through. It felt more like a strong breeze compared to this years tornado.

As I write this now and I listen in the silence to what Spirit is telling me, I know that this will run it's course in time. I also know that fighting the process is futile. These winds are here to do what we need them to do for us. Things, perhaps, we weren't willing to do for ourselves. Spirit is guiding us through, be sure of this.

Make your way through with grace. Stay in the truth and stay grounded. You'll get through this. I'm writing now to let you know... You're not alone. It's happening to so many of us.

I Wish You Light


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