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Illumination™ Practitioner's 
Three Month Program

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Are you looking for something new, different, and very powerful for your next healing modality?  

Illumination comes from a very high vibrational dimension. It's come to the planet now for the work that is to be done here at this time. Are you ready to use this in your healing work? 

Becoming aligned with the vibration of Illumination™ will empower you to serve your community, family, and clients with much-needed clarity and the ability to heal the soul.

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Illumination™ is a high vibrational 12th dimensional energy. It's not for everyone. Is it for you? This modality is for those that are dedicated to their work, who are connected spiritually to a higher power, no matter what that power is. It's for you if you know that there's something bigger out there for you, but you just haven't found it yet. 
This is not an energy that comes through the pracititioner. This is an energy that you call upon and deliver to your client. You hold it only. The human being is not capable of allowing this energy to come through it. It is only with you temporarily.
It's so much more than a healing modality. You'll learn all about that in these six months that we spend with together.   

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We will meet in person and in a Zoom meeting for three consecutive months. We'll be together for 6 hours in person on the first Sunday of each month, and virtually, in Zoom, the third Sunday of each month for 2 hours. 


In this three month curriculum:

  • Where Illumination comes from

  • Raise your vibration to put you into alignment with Illumination

  • Receive Awakenings (alignments)

  • Meditations

  • Soul Clearings

  • Learn Self Treatment

  • Learn Ancestral Healing

  • Learn Heart Activation

  • Learn Soul Contract Negotiations 

  • Fear Clearing

  • Learn who benefits from Illumination

  • Learn how to treat clients

  • And so much more

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Illumination™ has sub-healings. In this course, you'll three of them.

  • Heart Code Activation
    This will open your client's hearts to not only give love freely but to receive it just as freely.

  • Ancestral Healing
    The greatest gift of giving. This we do for those that came before us as well as for our children. 

  • Soul Contract Negotiation
    These contracts have been signed with purpose. Therefore we take great consideration when doing these. You'll learn how to do them as well as when to do them and when not to do them

Dollar Bills

This three-month course will be offered a couple of times a year.

This course is a $3,200 value but, for now, I will be offering it for only $2,800. 
Also... you can save a considerable amount with the 
Early Bird price of $2,500!  
This price is for anyone making the full payment one month before class begins. You can also make payments as the course evolves. Reach out to me at for full information on that option and with any questions.

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