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Pick One

There's a lot going on in this time of Covid-19. For some of you it can be a lot more than we ever expected it would turn out to be. For some others, you're doing pretty well. I want to speak to those of you in the ladder, to those of you who are doing okay. Did you just answer: "I'm fine." As I look around at my friends and family, I'm seeing even more than the usual amount of people doing too much. I know, I know, we want to take care of everyone and make sure to see that all is well with all those around us. But don't. Just don't. Don't do that.

Pick One person to concentrate your energies on each day. Maybe it's a parent. Do your folks need help? Pick them. Pick One. Do you have a sibling or a dear friend that could use your assistance? Pick One. Maybe a neighbor would really appreciate you picking up some items at the market for them?

Pick One.

Pick one thing a day and make that what you do for someone else on that day. Take the rest of the day for yourself and maybe even the people that live in your house. We under value taking time to just BE doing something for ourselves. I don't know where it started but I do know that it's looked at as selfish when we take time for ourselves. Well, haven't we learned now how important it is to, in fact, do something for ourselves. We know that what we do for ourselves really does show in all that we are able to do for others.

So, in this time that we all find ourselves at home, take your time to simply just BE is the most important thing that we can do. Stressing over things that we have no control over robs us of our peace. It doesn't do us any good. Do what feeds your soul and let the rest go.

Stay put! That's what you can do for everyone!

I Wish You Light ~Andrea

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