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Stay In Your Body

There are those of us who are always connected to the planet, they're always grounded. There are those of us who we can count on to be out of their bodies more often than not. There are those, like myself, who fluctuate between the two at any given time. Like any other place, we make the choice to be where we want to be.

A few summers ago I had moms bringing their children in to see me. They had anxiety. I would see these beautiful children of the light and get them back to where they could take a deep breath but, I was aware that this would only last as long as they didn't have anything outside of themselves stressing them out. So, I asked my guides what I could do to help these kids. I wanted something that I could give them to take home with them. They gave me this exercise and told me to give it to EVERYONE!

Now, more than ever, it's so important that we have a tool to help us to get back into our bodies! We need to know that we are completely in control of how we can do this and how often we do this. I encourage you to share this with all your people.

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