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I Bet You're An Empath Too

Do perfect strangers approach you and tell you very personal things about themselves? Are you often over come with emotions? Maybe you find yourself looking around you wondering "what just happened?" Does sadness come to you when a moment ago you were having fun? Have you ever experienced odd pains in your body and later found that your mom, best friend, life partner, child, etc. had the physical source of that pain? You could be an emotion empath or a physical empath, or you could be both. hmmmm Makes you wonder doesn't it?

I'm here to tell you; You're not alone! On the contrary, you're one of millions of EMPATHS! We are strong in numbers my friend. What we are not strong in is what to do with it all.

I've been telling people for years that being an empath is a superpower. I truly believe that it is. Think about it for a minute. Why would the universe create so many of us if it were not for a very good reason? Why would there be millions of us if we were not supposed to do good with it? The gods did not create pain!!! They created us to help others to relieve their pains.

Let's start with the old way of "dealing with being an empath", the way that many in my industry have taught empaths to protect themselves. They would tell you to "bubble up" or "zip up" and such. Make no mistake, this comes from fear! Fear never heals, instead it keeps you afraid. Convenient for the fear mongers but, detrimental to the empath. Consider yourself in that bubble for a moment. You have cut yourself off from the world around you. To protect yourself? To live in fear? Don't do that! If you live in that bubble, you can't share your superpower. Nothing in = Nothing out. You can't share your immense love. That's right, your super power is your ability to love. Look around you at all the other empaths in your life. Are they not some of the biggest hearted people you know? Love is the source of all healing.

Now let's move into the new way of being an empath. You've already received the feeling from the other person, you already know that this person needs healing and love. Open your heart up, now, send all that big heart love to them! Let it flow. This is the superpower in action. That great big heart of yours has the ability to share it's love. The empath is especially empowered to send love. Remember, all healing comes from love. If you're heart is open and pouring out love, you're sending healing into that pain, situation, dis-ease, etc. Here's the really important part; If you're pouring out, nothing can make it's way in! Imagine a faucet is opened wide, pouring out warm water, This is your heart pouring out love. Can anything make it's way into that faucet? Nope! Or a springtime river flowing down the mountain, also your love pouring down. Nothing can else can make it upstream. This means that no one's pain and discomfort can come into you. If you're pouring love out, it is impossible for fear to make it back into you. The opposite of love is fear. To avoid fear, stay in a state of love.

What you're doing is helping the other person to feel better. If they feel better, you'll feel better. Get it?

Let the Super Hero in you OUT!

Have a friend that could use this advice? Please share it with them. Pour that love all over the place. Sprinkle it like confetti. Don't hide that great big heart of yours. Instead, share all the love in it with all of humanity. We need you.

I Wish You Light


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