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Grounding and Earthing. What and How

How do you feel right now? Right this moment? Do you feel solid in your body? Go ahead and check. Feel for your feet. For so many of us it's not always easy to be in our bodies. Especially when we're physically ill or emotional messy. At these times, it's not a comfortable place to be. For instance, if you've ever had an anxiety attack you know that the first thing that happens is that we stop breathing, our shoulders go up, and we truly leave our bodies. At that moment in time being in our bodies is the most uncomfortable place to be on earth. So, we disconnect from earth and we leave our bodies behind.

We have to do something to change that! We need a little bit of control for our own peace of mind. When we're in our bodies, we're back in control, and we can get shit done. We can be truly productive. We feel solid. We know we can do what we want to do. But it ain't easy!


Have you ever recognized how you feel when you're outside and barefoot? I have. There's something that takes over my whole body. It's many things actually. It's strength, it's clarity, it's a feeling of being very solid, it's calm, it's so very peaceful. Ultimately what it is is that I'm recharging my battery. After all, isn't that what we are? We're made of energy. We get depleted and we know we have to charge our batteries back up. Everything is made of energy and we humans are nothing but a battery.

So, get outside, Yes, even in the cold, and connect to Mother Gaia. Let her do her thing by gently and lovingly pulling you back down to her and settling you back down into your own body. It really is a wonderful place to be.

I have a saying:

We can not make changes to our bodies if we're not in them!

I Wish You Light,


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