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Mediumship Program

I believe that we are all born healers and mediums. I also believe that we've forgotten how to tap into this naturally. I want to help you to remember. 

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This course is for those of you that have been experiencing things. 
Are you seeing things out of the corner of your eye?
Are you smelling things that remind you of people you've lost?
Maybe you have this odd ringing in your head?
Do you have dreams of your friends and family that have passed on? Are they speaking to you as if you're having a real conversation with them?


If you're experiencing these things with a certain knowing of what is happening, then this three-month intensive is for you. In this course, we'll cover many things. There are certain steps and stages that we'll go through to get you to where you'll feel comfortable and solid in your own mediumship. 

We'll meet for three full Saturdays together and on the second, third, and fourth Thursday evenings of the month in January, February and March. 

On our last full day, you'll have the opportunity to read for strangers. This will give you the confidence that you need and the ability to believe that you really are a Medium! 

  • Saturday, September 10th, 10-4
    Thursdays September 15th, 22nd, and 29th via Zoom 7-9

  • Saturday, October 8st, 10-4
    Thursdays, October 13th, 20th, and 27th via Zoom 7-9

  • Saturday, November 5th
    Thursdays November 10th and 17th via Zoom
    Our last class will be in person on Saturday the 26th. (after Thanksgiving)

  • $685


The mediumship class was so full of information and wonder. Loved the guided meditations and that the majority of the class was recorded with the option to download and save for myself. If something didn't resonate with you, you could always reach out to Andrea or the class for assistance. Everyone has an ability, it's just a matter of how much you are willing to open up your heart and mind.

~Sonya Getchell 4.7.22

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