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Illumination is here, at this time, with a strong purpose. 

That purpose is to heal your soul. Your soul goes through many lessons. All these lessons are learned in so many different ways, some comfortably, some not so comfortably.  All equally important. 

Illumination™ is a brand new healing modality. It was brought through in a direct download to me, Andrea Kukulka on February 2, 2020. I've been teaching this Level One class since then. I'm also currently teaching a 6-month Practitioner's course. Illumination™ is a multi-level healing modality. It has so much to offer within itself for you, personally, and for your clients that I can't begin to explain it all here in print. I'm deeply passionate about this and welcome all the questions you may have. 

Often, we learn our lessons in sections.  We may learn just one bit of a lesson at a time during each lifetime, which means that the soul may end up coming back two, three, or seven times to learn just one lesson. A lot happens here on earth during all of those lifetimes for us to be able to master that lesson and the many other lessons we're sent to master. Too often, it takes learning a lesson the hard way in order for us to store that whole lesson down into our souls. 

Illumination™ has a way of easing not only all the time that it took to learn a particular lesson but, also the possible traumas that took place to fully accept that lesson. In many cases, Illumination™ can shorten how many times you need to reincarnate just to learn that one lesson, and that's just one of the many focuses of Illumination™.

Learning to do all of this for yourself and raising your vibration while doing it is the main focus of the first level of Illumination™. On a personal level, taking this course will ease and finetune the way these lessons are learned and deposited into your soul.  

This first-level course is 8 hours, broken down into two days. There's a lot to this healing modality and we're just taking the first steps here. These two days will include:

  • Meditations

  • Awakenings (attunements)

  • Meeting the guides that are Illumination™

  • Learning how to do an Illumination™ session

  • Practice on each other

  • Q & A

  • and so much more

If you're considering a career in the healing arts, this is a fabulous place to start. 

If you're already doing healing work, this is a beautiful addition to your offerings. 

Even in the first level of Illumination™, you can begin to use it with clients! 

*Next class: Saturday and Sunday, April 23rd and 24th

* 10am - 3pm both days

* Ask Andrea any questions in the form below.



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