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I'm creating Safe Space for us.

This is a community of people who want to break through the parts of ourselves that prevent us from achieving our greatness. This community is set up for success!

As a Spiritual Life Coach and a Mamma Bear my first priority is making sure that you feel safe. With this foundation, you're able to get down into the meat of whatever issue you want to bring up to heal. Shadow work can only be done when you're able to bring forward those parts of you that you prefer to keep hidden. Mostly we're hiding those parts of us from ourselves. This can lead to triggers. When we hide from ourselves, we rob ourselves of our own wholeness

You may find that I do this work differently than most others do. This is because I've done this healing work too. I've spent years staring my shadow in the face in order to study it, embrace it, and love it to death. I guide and mentor you the way that worked for me. I come from an aspect of belief that I am, and you are too, already whole. Ultimately, I'm holding space for you to find all the parts of you, yes the parts that you don't want to see, and bring them in close to heal them. 


Within this community of people just like you, you'll find:

  • Group Meetings Every Other Week

  • Community

  • Meditations

  • Journaling

  • A Safe Place to be Open

  • Judgment Free

  • A Mamma Bear's Love to Gentle Guide You

  • Homework

  • Actionable Exercises

  • And More!
















I've found that we can't heal parts of ourselves if we aren't willing to acknowledge their existence. I promise that within this community you'll be able to fully embrace these parts, without judgment, in order to heal from the inside of them.


*You can be part of this community whether or not you've taken part in the 4-hour workshops that run every other month. You can learn more about that HERE... 

*We'll meet on the first & third Thursday of each month.
*Can't make it? No Problem! Each meeting will be recorded and the link will be in the group for you to get to at your convenience. 

*BONUS* You can start a 14-day FREE TRIAL 
*Cancel your membership any time. 

Won't you join me... 

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