Soul Contract Negotiations

What is a Soul Contract Negotiation?



Illumination™ has given us many gifts. Soul Contract Negotiation is another one of these gifts. 

We're all pretty comfortable with the concept of past lives and karma. You may even be comfortable with the knowledge of your soul families. Maybe you even understand how we plan with our soul families to learn together in lifetimes. 

There's this space that our souls go to when they're not in a body. In the soul time, we are clear and we remember all that has happened to us in all our times in physical embodiment. We're aware of what we still have yet to learn or to get right. Often we spend many lifetimes learning the same lesson. So, in this space, between lives, we get together with our soul families and decide what we need to learn or to get right, along with whom we will help to learn their own lessons. 

Each lesson we learn ourselves is another lesson that another soul has assisted us with and the same goes for their life and soul lessons. It always takes one or more additional souls to join you to learn any given lesson. Each lesson is always multi-leveled. In this space between lifetimes, we write contracts to get the work done together, keeping in mind that these contracts are written for both or more souls. 

Illumination™ lives in this same space where the contracts are written. This is why Illumination is so easily used to negotiate and renegotiate these contracts. You see, the human has no control because the contract has already been written. However, Illumination™ can renegotiate these contracts. When working with an Illumination™ practitioner you can move, remove, negotiate, renegotiate many things including these contracts. 

Please note that while a practitioner is using this modality, they are communicating with the energy of Illumination™. Therefore, if Illumination™ tells that practitioner that this is the way that you must learn this lesson, or that you must be the one to teach that lesson, that the practitioner has the ability to move that lesson to another lifetime. There are many, many layers to all of this.

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