Reiki & Shaman Course

5 month course

These five classes will aid the student to enhance their gift of healing body, mind, and spirit.  Priest, Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman Mother Doreen will guide you through the basics of healing through Shamanic journey.


You will receive a review of Reiki and healing basics along with practicing exercises designed to sense and discern Spirit.  You will also be taught and will practice methods of entrancement such as sound movement and dance.  These will aid you in surpassing obstacles that most healers are unable to master.  You will journey to your “still point’ by means of both the upper and lower worlds while you are accompanied by your spirit and animal guides.  Further you will be instructed in various types of spirituality used by other Spiritual Masters such as the Jesus Prayer, Buddhist Precepts, mantra and meditation.  Go beyond and stretch your soul to this new awaking.

  • Prerequisite: Reiki levels 1 & 2.

  • Five Months meeting the Last Saturday of each month

  • Beginning on February 27th

  • Early bird special pricing is $640 until Valentine's Day February 14th.

  • Regular price of this exceptional offer is $740

  • RSVP with payments HERE


One woman I assisted describes her experience as this;  “ Doreen compresses years of therapy into a few powerful sessions.  She is truly gifted!  After feeling so sad for so awfully long I finally feel brighter and happier.  Forever grateful.”