Illumination™ Healing 

Illumination is a new modality brought down to us for these times. It is a very high vibrational energy that burns with a blue hot flame that has ability to burn off all that no longer serves you. This is a very different kind of healing with very long lasting results. 

This is the very embodiment of soul work.


As we raise our own vibrations there are things that need to be left behind us so that we are free. 
Let Illumination do that for you.

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Soul Healings

Healing the Soul

Here at the Center all our practitioners have their own signature Soul healing. Each is as different as the practitioner themself.  Learn more about each of them by following these links.

Andrea Kukulka's

Open Soul Healing

Melanie Sprague's
Soul Code Alchemy Healing

Jill McLoughlin's

Quantum Soul Healing

Ancestral Healing

This is the kind of work that is done for more than yourself. This is done for you as well as your ancestors. There are issues and traumas that passed down generation after generation. Here, we break the chain. We stop it from continuing on to your children. 

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Heart Ignition

It's time to ignite your heart energy center. 


When using this heart ignition we bypass all the many ways that your heart may be closed down, blocked, or out of balance. We use a much higher dimensional energy than what you're use to do to be able to  open you up to unconditional love. 

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When you come to sit at our tables with us you get to spend more time with your loved ones who have moved on.  

We find this to be a very healing experience for our clients. 

Everyone's experience is different. Why? Because, you never know who's going to come in for you, or what Spirit Guides may come in too. 

Each time you come to sit with me it's like getting one more hug from them.  We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll do it together.


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Tarot & Life


Looking for direction? Have questions for the universe and your guides?

We're happy to help you find your answers by connecting to your guides, angels and the universe.

Come join us at our tables.

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Past Life Regression

I will take you on a journey that can fully encompass who you were in another life time. You'll see, with your minds eye, the things that you were part of then. You may feel, physically and emotionally, and even smell what was a part of that life. The lifetimes that will come up are there to help you to process what is happening in your life today.

Together we can do up to three lifetimes in an hours session. 

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Inner Child Work

It can be gentle and extremely calming, or it can be quite intense. I'd love to give you a full description of what this healing entails but the truth is that it's different for every person. Please contact me here to get a feel for what your session will do for you. 

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Child by the Window


At this stage in my growth and practice, I've found that people come to me for advice and insight. I've been mastering my craft for over 30 years and have had the benefit of many teachers over these years. As I've learned, I've shared my lessons. 

I now have put it all together to guide you though this metaphysical world and am eager to be your "person." 

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