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Meet Sage Blum

Let Your Divine Wisdom Inspire

Your Spiritual Journey


I am Sage Blum, and I am a Healing Medium and Spiritual Mentor. As a young child, I experienced seeing, hearing and knowing things that no one seemed to understand. My family thought I simply had an overactive imagination. They criticized me so much that I buried what I knew to be true behind closed doors in my mind for my entire childhood. It was not until adulthood when I realized what people had called my “imagination” was truly my gift. I have taken many workshops in psychic and mediumship development, angel communications and energy work to strengthen and improve my gift. Throughout my life, I endured emotional traumas that no woman should ever have to endure, however, I turned each experience into my magical power, which has helped to create the strong independent woman I am today. I worked in the financial industry as a financial crimes investigator for 30 years. I recently took the leap to fulfill my dream of healing people, because this is where my spiritual journey has taken me.


My signature healing is 
Soul Inspiration


Personal energy management is imperative in today's world! Our energies are continually shifting within us. I address your personal energetic needs by leading from my heart. I will balance or even upgrade your energies. A Soul Inspiration session can assist in optimizing the energy within you to create harmony, embrace energetic expansion, and help to heal your heart and mind. These sessions can also assist with enhancing special gifts you already have but may be unaware of.

While each 45 minute session may be completely different from a previous one, here is what I may use when working with you.

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Reiki

  • Illumination

  • New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation (MDT)

  • Mediumship

  • Expanded Healing

  • Andara Crystals

I am a Rescue Medium, meaning I specialize in freeing trapped earthbound spirits and crossing these lost souls into the Light. Many times during a reading, an earthbound spirit may come into the reading simply because it has seen my shining light and knows I can assist. We can assist in crossing the Spirit over. It is a wonderfully healing feeling to know that you have assisted in freeing a trapped spirit.

I am also a Paranormal Investigator. I have been to many houses and hotels where there has been paranormal activity. Many times the owners are simply looking for confirmation that spirits are present and nothing more. Most times the spirits are looking to communicate messages and nothing less.

My favorite thing to do, however, is teach and mentor people. Currently, I am teaching pendulum and chakra classes. My dream was always to conduct healing circles where women could talk and heal in a community setting, and this has finally come to be! The circle is where women can find their truths along with their power. Additionally, I mentor people one on one in their spiritual journeys to finding self-discovery and self-empowerment.

I believe my unique intuitive abilities, open heart, and empathic nature have provided me with special listening skills both physically and through Spirit. I am dedicated to empowering my clients to hearing the voices within their souls and teaching them to listen to these voices in order to better understand themselves, to find self-love and confidence, and to fulfill their hearts’ desires and dreams. I believe my mission here is to help bring about the spiritual evolution of others, by assisting souls to evolve and advance into the next stage of their lives. 

I believe messages from Spirit will inspire, empower and awaken your soul!

Love and Light,


Sage's new pic.heic

I have always felt connected with Spirit and wanted to try group table tipping with Sage. She blew me away! We were able to talk to my friend’s father in-law, who had passed literally days before. At first, we did not know it was him, but he spelled his name out clearly! When table did that, it made some people that didn’t believe really question what had just happened! We also helped a couple Spirits that wanted to cross-over, but didn’t know how and were stuck in limbo, actually cross-over into the Light.  The feeling was unbelievable! We all held hands while Sage talked to the Spirits and guided each one towards the Light. You felt the energy come through the table, up your arms, and almost like a heavy heart tingling feeling in your chest, that dispersed out of your chest and throat area and up to the white light then a silent quiet almost numb feeling... Like WOW, did that just happen!!! Just an unbelievable experience!

Sage is so in-tune and connected that I can actually feel her vibrations. She is very professional and explains everything that is happening. She also helped me be more in-tune to what I had been feeling for years and made me realize how to allow the energies to flow and become more receptive. Thank you so much, Sage; you are a very special person and a friend for life!

Coreen, Attleboro

Sage is a caring and kind person over-all. She works really hard to help her clients feel empowered, understood and safe. Sage puts 100% effort into helping her clients transform & overcome life's hurdles.

Linan, MA

I scheduled a reading with Sage after learning that a curse had been placed on me via a Palo Mayombe ritual I decided to see Sage to see if she could help me. I said absolutely nothing about the curse. My reading was amazing.

She immediately saw the dark spirit and crossed it over with the angel's assistance.  After the session, I remained silent about the Palo Mayombe curse. About a week later, Sage called me out of the blue and asked to see. To my amazement, she said she had been having visitations from the dark spirit she had moved on. He was apologetic and was asking if I wanted him to stay around me as a protector. Sage recommended that I decline the offer but wanted to be forthright with the information she was getting. When she mentioned the name he communicated to her, "Palo," I couldn't believe what I was hearing and nearly fell out of my chair. "Palo" as in Palo Mayombe!!!  Again, I'd never mentioned anything about the Palo Mayombe ritual. With Sage's gift, we politely declined and asked him to go to the light. I'm delighted to report that I'm healthy and happy and free of this curse. I'm forever grateful for Sage's help.  

Sage has also done Reiki on me and it feels as though there is a magnet pulling stress, pain, illness, and sadness out of your body. It truly is an amazing process.  I highly recommend Sage for Reiki, Chakra clearings, and mediumship - she has a phenomenal gift. Her positivity radiates from her!  

Lynn Providence RI

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