Introducing Phyllis Simonetta


Hello, my name is Phyllis Simonetta. I’m an Ascending Soul Healer and the owner of Ascending Soul Healing. I help lightworkers, wayshowers and seekers release anxiety, stress and heal deeply on a soul level. My deepest desire is to help you clear the energies that are preventing you from feeling confident, empowered, worthy and free to follow your dreams.


In June of 2012 my soul’s alarm clock rang for my spiritual awakening. It was not a gentle awakening but rather felt like the Universe dropped me on my head.  I was completely blindsided and truly did not understand what was happening. During that summer holistic energy healing (acupuncture and Reiki), therapy and a lot of personal work were game changers in treating the anxiety and depression that accompanied my spiritual awakening. Through the years, anxiety has become both a messenger and a teacher as I remain committed to doing my personal work and healing. Now when I feel anxiety, I have the tools and support needed to heal whatever arises.  I know I can help you too.


My signature modality is Soul Radiance Healing. I am also an Illumination Practitioner and a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher.

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