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Meet Nubian Violet, CHT, RMT, DLH

I am an intuitive psychic medium, certified Reiki III Master/Teacher, and Certified Hypnotherapist who has been an empath throughout my life. However, the first time I recognized I could connect with people's past loved ones was in a mediumship circle in Aug 2019. Until that class, I was not even sure I could see or connect to spirit in such a way. On that very day, I set my feet on the path of being a medium that helped develop and cultivate my gifts.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I work with my clients to help their conscious mind understand why they are dealing with certain issues in their life.  I assist my clients in helping them find the deeper reasoning behind what might be blocking the positive change that they are seeking in their life.

Through my gifts, I can connect with people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I use my natural intuitive skills to channel accurate and authentic messages from your departed loved ones and guides to help you heal, learn, and grow. My utmost desire is to bring loving and healing messages that prove the continuity of life. I want my clients to know that there is more to life than meets the eye. My gifts come from my heart, where I believe true healing and love reside.

In my signature healing work you could experience any of the following in a session:

*Dimond Light Theropy
*And more

Won't you come to visit me at Illumination Center,

With Gratitude
~Nubian Violet


I usually don’t write reviews but I thought it may help someone else like me who may be questioning the legitimacy of psychic readings.
I thought I would give it a shot and decided to book with Nubian Violet. Best decision ever! She’s the sweetest. Her energy was so calm, and her passion could be noted on her delivery. She’s truly a healer. She didn’t need additional info and the reading resonated so much I kept messaging her saying this happened this is going on just like you said because I honestly couldn’t believe it. I 1000% recommend you book your next reading with her. 

My experience with Nubian Violet was absolutely amazing. Her insight into the needs of someone who is grieving and looking to connect with loved ones is admirable. During the entire session, I felt guided and respected.  The messages I received were very personal and true to my loved one’s demeanor; there was no question in my mind that I was dealing with a very gifted medium. I also appreciated how Nubian Violet clearly outlined how the session was going to go before starting and her openness to me asking questions at the end. Nubian Violet was honest about messages from the other side that were a bit clouded or uncertain which I really appreciated. That being said, I was impressed by how clear and on-point communication with my father was. I will definitely schedule again.  Just a wonderful experience. 

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