Meet Karen LaCamera

I am a messenger, a clear channel for Spirit to flow through, so that I may serve humanity by offering a customized and unique blend of modalities to help others to heal themselves. Whether it's intuiting the perfect logo or designs for your business, or reading your Akashic Records and passing on messages to you from Spirit, I am here to support and guide you on your journey!

I began my spiritual awakening around 2002. After reading the book  "A Woman’s Journey to God: Finding the Feminine Path" by Joan Borysenko, I was intrigued about journeying along one's spiritual path and utterly enthralled with who Mary Magdalene really was! I began reading any kind of spiritual/metaphysical books that I could get my hands on. Around this time my mom, Jan, paved the way for me by talking to me about Reiki and healing. As my eyes were opened to this new way of thinking and living, I discovered a local holistic shop called “Inner Wisdom”. I spent many hours at the shop taking any and all classes in crystals, oracle cards, mediumship, Reiki, and more. I received my Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement from the owner of the shop, Barb Bryant. During my awakening period, mom became a Reiki Master and subsequently gave me my Reiki 2 & Reiki Master attunements in the Usui method. Shortly after I received my attunements, my spiritual/metaphysical journey took a back seat because my new focus became the birth and raising of our children.

Time passes (16 years, to be exact) … a last-minute decision to go see a famous Spirit Medium in Foxboro in January of 2018 ended up becoming the catalyst for my catapult into further awakening. After just a few hours of being in the presence of such high vibrations, I felt very strongly that I was being called back onto my path to discover more about who I really am and what I am meant to do with my time on earth. The process unfolded at light speed after I discovered a local holistic center formerly called “Center for Holistic and Healing Arts” in Mansfield, MA, where I took more classes and workshops, and where I became a Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher with Andrea Kukulka. I was also trained in the Akashic Records, took part in the first ever Light Connection Practitioner class, for which I am now certified to practice, and received the new energy modality of "Illumination".