Meet Karen LaCamera

Meet Karen LaCamera

I am a clear channel & messenger that is here to help you go deep, and do soul-level healing work through the reading of your Akashic Records. I also channel messages and information that Source, your Higher Self, and your Guides want you to know at this time. I call that part of the process Soul Messages. I combine all of this intuitive work with my creative work as a graphic designer (and using my connection to the Field of Potential, as well as Sacred Geometry), I create custom channeled Mandalas.


My Journey


I began my spiritual awakening around 2002 and started researching and reading any kind of spiritual/metaphysical books that I could get my hands on, as well as taking any and all classes in crystals, oracle cards, mediumship, Reiki, and more. I received my Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement at this time. During this awakening period, my mom became a Reiki Master and subsequently gave me my Reiki 2 & Reiki Master attunements in the Usui method.

Time passes (roughly 16 years, during which I began raising a family) ... I felt called to dive deeper into discovering who I truly am and what my purpose is, and in the process, I found a local holistic center in Mansfield, MA, where I took more classes and workshops. It was here that I became a Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher with Andrea Kukulka, trained in the Akashic Records, and took part in the first-ever Light Connection Practitioner class. Shortly after that, I received an alignment to the new energy healing modality of "Illumination™".


On my journey, I have learned that we are Source beings, Divine Sovereign essences of the creation and expression of Source and that our soul exists in a multidimensional state at all times even though this physical body is firmly rooted in this conditional third-dimensional reality. 


There is a TON of information out there in the ethers, and coming to you from your guides that are readily available for you to help in your healing process. I can help you get that information in various ways by tapping into the Field of Potential (the Quantum Field) and channeling it directly to you.  


My Signature healing is

 Akashic Record Readings / Soul Messages

What I offer is not a typical Akashic Records reading. Sometimes there are just as many messages and information to be heard, as there are Akashic Records to be looked at. I call this part of the reading "Soul Messages". Sometimes Illumination comes in to help in the healing process.


The Akashic Records (or sometimes called the Book of Life) is a Quantum repository, a vast and limitless library that contains an energetic record of every thought, feeling, action, deed, emotion, word, etc. that any soul has ever experienced in the entirety of creation since each soul's original creation from Source. It is located in the Quantum Field / Field of Potential. This is where I go to take a look at the Records of any incarnations pertaining to the current issues you are having.


I am astounded each time Karen goes into the Akashic records for me! Her energy is like a big, safe, warm hug. She has helped me to recognize areas where I feel stuck and then lovingly healed and integrated the various pieces of myself back together. I am so grateful for the container that Karen holds for me. I was very new to the Akashic records when I found Karen, and she has truly opened me up to new possibilities. If you're at all curious about the Akashic records, definitely schedule a session with Karen!

- Angela Lee,
Personal Development and Career Coac

Karen did an Akashic reading on my son and it was amazing!  He was going through a period of impossible behaviors. We were both triggering each other & I felt like I was having tantrums right back at him.

Karen’s ability to understand and put you at ease while talking through stuff that’s intensely private and personal is just one of her many attributes. Super compassionate and very kind are two more words that I would use to describe her.

- Casey Kerr,
Owner of Find Your ROAR & Wing Women Nation

Karen is a master healer with phenomenal gifts. She has helped me heal deeply on a soul level through Akashic Records readings, soul retrieval and soul contract work as well as with her unique energy healing techniques. Karen is a fantastic listener and it is so easy to feel accepted in her presence. My life is infinitely better because of Karen and her gifts."

- Phyllis Simonetta, Owner of Ascending Soul Healing