Heart Activation Codes

What is a Heart Activation Code?



Illumination™ has given us many gifts. One of the most beautiful ones has been the Heart Activation Codes. 

This works much like the way that putting code into a web page works. Once you apply these codes they are there within that page running in the background always. 

This is true for the heart activation codes as well. Once you receive them, whether in a one-on-one session or in a group setting, when you have them you have them forever! They will always be there for you to tap into whenever you feel the need to open and/or expand your heart. 

Life gives us many reasons to grab a hold of our hearts and to freeze them still or close them down. These codes will bring you back to your natural state of being, which is to live with an open heart. Once received, it's up to you to let that open heart flow outward. When we're in our natural flow, anything is possible!

Heart Activation Codes are done 1-on-1 in an Illumination Session.


In group settings at the Center or in other venues.

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