Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Reiki is Universal Life Energy


You can take one level or both. Interested in the Reiki level 2  class only? Reach out to Melanie to send her a picture of your Reiki level 1 certificate to register for that separate class. Follow the links to purchase both or separate classes. 


In this weekend of Reiki we begin to get into what Reiki feels like within us and how to become a Reiki Practioner. Melanie Sprague will teach you how to use Reiki and further develop your relationship with it. She’ll teach you how to let it guide you to be able to do the work effortlessly. You will discover a greater connection with spirit and your healing guides. Most students have reported, with the attunements of Reiki II that their crowns have opened to create an ever open pathway to their guides and all of the Spirit realm.  When this happens there is a greater trust in one's self and a truer “knowing” of what is coming through them in the way of healing energy. This is a topic you’ll discuss further in this course. 


This weekend will consist of:

  • History of Reiki

  • Meditations

  • Learning the three Reiki level II symbols

  • Attunements

  • Practicing on each other

  • Learning to send Reiki energy

  • Developing a Self-Reiki practice

  • Discussion about setting up your own practice

  • Questions & Answers 

  • Reiki level 1, Saturday, June 26th 

  • Reiki level 2, Sunday, June 27th

  • 10am-4pm  (bring lunch)

  • This course is also available to take via Zoom.

  • $444  Tuition 


If you have any questions about this course please reach out to Melanie at Zenbymelanie@gmail.com