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Meet Emily Jenkins

Hi! I'm Emily. I have been a Medium all my life and it is a skill that I am most confident in. When I was really young, I would see figures in my room or sitting on my desk... and to me, I thought this was something that everyone experienced. I have also experienced vivid dream(s) of passed loved ones and often "know" things before they happen. I have always had a sense of high intuition - all-knowing but it has only gotten stronger and stronger.. In the last few years, I decided it was time to sharpen my skills and embrace my gift for myself and others rather than suppressing such a powerful skill.

I took Andrea's Mediumship class and am certified to connect with souls who have crossed over. It is truly a joy and an honor to help and heal others through our readings together. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones through spiritual connection. Mediumship is something that I am incredibly good at, and I find a lot of healing power within what I do. My mentor, Andrea calls me "Thomas's English Muffin" because I have a knack for connecting with spirits that clients struggle to hear from or haven't heard from at all.. I get a hold of them with no problem. Almost all my clients tell me after our reading is over that they had gone to several Mediums before and they hadn't heard from those they were "hoping" for.. and keep in mind, they share these things with me after our reading is over so this is not something I am aware of ahead of time, nor do I want you to share that with me. What is meant to come through will, and it is truly an honor and privilege to communicate with your loved ones.



“When I met Emily, she connected with me and my guides immediately. The first Spirit to come through was someone I have never heard from before! Emily was spot-on with all of her information. She is sweet and funny, and I highly recommend her for a reading!”

-Sage B, Easton, MA

Emily gave me my first ever reading when it was my first time meeting her. She immediately connected with one of my family members that had passed a few years ago. She was detailed and made clear connections that were meaningful to me, I knew instantly exactly who it was she was connecting with. She was outgoing, sweet, and easy to talk to during this reading. While also being understanding of the information she was giving. I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a connection with those who have passed. 

-Baily S, and Pomfret CT

Follow the link below to get to
Emily's Saturday offering.


I recently had a reading with Emily that was out-of-this-world amazing! She is so incredibly intuitive and connected. She blew my mind with the information and messages that she passed along to me. Emily is an incredibly clear channel and is able to tap in on a level that still has me wowed. I would HIGHLY recommend a reading with Emily. She's amazing!

-Karen L, Norton MA

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