Exclusively for

Covid-19 Front Line Workers

This is an exclusive offer for all you on the front line working with and against Covid-19. 

I'm offering a free on-line healing session to you and all of those who are doing this work at this time. This means, anyone working in a hospital or nursing homes, police, EMTs, counselors, etc. In other words, anyone who is putting their own life and well being at risk to help others fight this virus. 

Here, you can book your free session. Once you click to book your appointment, you'll be sent a confirmation with a zoom link. This will allot us up to 30 minutes to meet. In these roughly 15 - 30 minutes, I'll ask you to find a comfortable space to be in to fully relax. I will then send distant healing. It's not necessary for us to see each other. Our eyes will most likely be closed, but we will be able to talk through the process. 

After our first free meeting, I'd like to offer a discounted of 15% on any addition sessions that you want during the continued virus work you're doing. A $65 session will become $55 for you.

This is what I can do to support you with what you do. I hope you take me up on my offer. 

To apply for this free healing fill out the form below letting me know where you work, for how long you've been there, and a bit about what's going on with you. 

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