Usui/Holy FireIII 
Level 2

The world needs more healers now more than ever. Join me for a webinar course in Reiki. 


I teaches Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki. Join me to learn this amazing newest form of Reiki . It came to us in January of 2014. This form of Reiki is very calming and loving while being as strong as the ocean. You're sure to love this Reiki! 

In this class:

You will learn self healing practice.

Practice on yourself.

Receive the Reiki level I attunement.

Become Reiki certified

*Saturday May 2, 2020
*1pm - 5pm
*RSVP to: AndreaHealingMedium@gmail
*You'll receive the link to the webinar with payment or 508.261.5999

Reach Andrea at



01/19 - 01/23

I Wish You Light