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So Manny Ways to Unleash Your Magic

These are exciting times and this is an exciting life.

Just imagine raising your vibration enough to keep your crown open to source energy all the time! And to disearn when to close it.
Moving beyond your comfort to become the true magical being that you were meant to be. 

It took me over 30 years to gather all the lessons that I've aquirored to build the large toolbox that I have today.  In the last nine years I've been giving back by teaching and passing on this knowledge.
I've developed my own methods and ways of helping you to trust the process and to especially trust that you too, are able to do this work! In 1988, I began as a skeptic.
If I can evolve into what I've become, so can you!

Each of these classes within these groups is worth $40 to $65. 
What I've build here, for you, is the ability to get so much done, metaphysically, without having to leave your own home. While doing that I'm able to offer you a substantial discount on these courses too. 
I'm eager to pass on my knowledge and I know that you're eager to learn it. 
This three group course was built in the hopes that you would be able to move into this high vibrational life with ease and eagerness. 

I Wish You Light

Choose one group from the series or take all three groups.

Thursdays in September

Metaphysics 101

In the first group of four classes, we ease into what your true metaphysical calling is. This group of classes is for those that are trying to find themselves in the metaphysical world.  


This is a $200 value.  Because I really want every person to claim what they were born to do, I'm gifting this group of classes at $140.

1st Class:
How Physic Are You?

2nd Class:

Mastering Your Empath

3rd Class:
Crystals as a Tool

4th Class:

Are You a Healer?

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Safe payments 0f $140

Thursdays in October

Intermediate Metaphysics

Now that you know what feeds your soul, let's go deeper.

Here we get to move into what has the power to change our human experiences. 

1st Class:

Exercising Your Psychic Muscle

2nd Class:

Healing Arts

3rd Class:

Past Life Regressions


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Safe Payment of $140

Thursdays in November

Advanced Metaphysics

* Reiki at the second level is required for this course.


You're doing the work! You may even be doing it professionally at this point. 

Now let's go deeper and heal some of those obstacles and barriers that keep you playing small.

1st Class:

Raising Your Vibration
2nd Class:


3rd Class:

Astral Travel

4th Class:



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Safe Payment  of $180


Presented by Andrea Kukulka,
Founder of Illumination Center

I've been studying metaphysics since 1989. I became a Reiki Master in 1997, I mentor and coach, and I'm also an author and a speaker. I have a vast amount of knowledge about all things Metaphysics. Now I'd be honored to help guide you through your path and teach you what I've learned along my own path. 

 This is a safe place for you to find the best part of you, and to nurture your soul.
 There are three parts to Metaphysical Playground.
Each series contains four classes. 
Take one series or take them all. 

Innovative Playground
Innovative Playground

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