Welcome to Illumination™

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Raising Your Vibration

This will forever be known as a time of massive change. So too must we change the way we heal!


On February 2nd of 2020, a new healing modality was delivered to Andrea Kukulka. What we now know as Illumination™ let itself be known to her. 

With this immense new energy, she was guided to build something different, something powerful and something to be shared with all of humanity to heal through. Here at the Illumination Center, you'll find that something different! You'll find a collaboration of practitioners focused on each client's individual wholeness. 






We have a variety of different types of modalities for you to choose from. We are always taking new classes to expand our individual toolboxes and to add ways to help you to heal and evolve into your own greatness. This is a place of great healing and great learning. Practitioners and clients equally.

From heart-opening events to long-term certificate courses, we have many opportunities to grow your energy and expand your vibration to choose from.




We Wish You Light

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