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Orgonite Chakra Healing

The orognite used in these healings is handmade and Reiki Charged by our own Melanie Sprague. These pieces are created with hand picked crystals and metals combined with resin. The resin serves the purpose of binding together all these beautiful things to activate the cleansing and protection while  alchemizing the energy. The crystals chosen to combine with the metals maximize the EMF protection and energetic alignment of the chakras.


Melanie Sprague

Melanie Sprague is a Holistic Alchemist. She helps people who want to balance and open energetic blocks, which manifest in dis-ease to release attachment to emotional and physical trauma, allowing you to be in control of your energy..

Melanie is constantly adding to her holistic took box. Creating her own pieces and working with orgonite is just her newest addition. 


Melanie has been working hard in her mad alchemist studio creating and crafting different shapes of orgonite. Her creations are all made with intentions.